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How to center/pin/otherwise adjust position of objects within Dynamic Panel?

Known Jhnnq1 19 months ago

Responsive design tutorial tells me to drag a paragaph widget into the dynamic panel and pin it and add margins using % etc relative to the dynamic panel so it will move with the dynamic panel when browser width is adjusted, but I can't drag the widget directly into the panel, I can only drag it there in the layers tab, and when I do, it is locked to the left border of the dynamic panel, and all options for aligning to center/top etc are grayed out as are pinning and some other options.

Attached a screenshot using an image (since I can't find the paragraph widget) for reference930c5ed3bbb32d4b6d18ca8c8fa98643

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Hi, to get the elements inside the dynamic panel, you have to hold Control on Windows / Command on Mac and drag the element insidel, you will see a blue tint when you do, when the element in inside you can apply these properties.


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