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Issues with linking to other pages I have created in Justinmind

Known Mratl13 17 months ago


I'm creating a site for a class I'm in, and I seem to have done everything correctly. My links from whatever page I'm on to other pages I've created, also in Justinmind within the same prototype, aren't working. I've checked the tutorials and done everything that is listed in there, but it's just not doing anything. When I test the prototype, any time I click on any of the buttons I've created in the taskbar, all of them that have anything they are supposed to do just kind of glow blue, but don't go anywhere. I have a few external links, and those work just fine. Is there something I'm doing wrong here? I initially thought it was an issue in the prototype, but the problem carries over into the HTML version as well.

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Hello, in your prototype you have the event attached to the cells of your table, by putting a text above it is not impossible to reproduce the event, you could copy the events from the cells to the text or you can also use a table text that you can find in the basic widjets library, under other components.

Let me know is the information is useful.


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