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Basic dropdown menu tutorial?

Known Michael 20 months ago

I have pro sub.

I am just looking for a basic dropdown menu tutorial. I can make hidden items appear when mousing on or over another element- no problem. I can create a list or a table of values. How do I knit these together?

The official Justinmind how-to mentions interactive items in a Portfolio library I do not have. And it's sketchy about how to hide every menu item and the menu container itself as a group.

So is there a good solid basic tutotial on how to construct a dropdown somewhere?

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Hello, I am attaching an example, you can see that this menu is built with different tables, one for the header and each option in a different table, each options table is hidden by clicking on the "Hide in simulation" icon from the Properties palette.

Each header container has an "on Mouse enter + Show hidden element" event addressed to its corresponding dropdown, and simultaneously an "on Mouse enter + Hide element" event to hide the rest of the dropdowns. Each item within the dropdown has a color changing effect that you can adjust to your liking.

You can find this complete menu in the Web component library under "Menus".

Let me know if this information was useful to you.


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