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How can I make an Automatic Slideshow?

Need Answer Hamza 18 months ago

Hi, I've been trying to create a slideshow that automatically scrolls through different images (in place) using Dynamic Panels. I can't seem to get it to work. I've tried implementing this using the On Panel Active, along with SetActivePanel and Pause, but nothing I do seems to be working.

Any advice on this would surely help. Thanks in advance!

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Hello, I am attaching an example, you can see the slide events in the main panel, the options that this example contains can be replaced with images or other elements.

let me know if this is useful to you.



Hey Ria, the slider seems to slide triggered by a one finger swipe. Do I have any option to slide automatically after 10 sec or so? Thanks a lot, regards Martin


Hello, thank you for reaching out to us. To achieve what you're requesting, you can use the event 'on page load + pause sequence of events'. This event allows you to adjust the desired time for the sequence of events. After that, you can follow it with the 'on page load + move element' event. You can find more details about the move event in the current example.

Please let me know if this solution works for you.



Hello, thanks for your reply. The 'on page load + pause sequence of events' works fine so far, but it seems to avoid gesture-swipe left/right. How can I achieve both:

1. slide automatically "to the right" as long as I do nothing (works fine)

2. swipe left triggered by 'on swipe left + navigate to the next page on the left' (does not work)

Note that I have 4 different pages as only header and footer stay the same on all four pages.

Do I maybe have to 'group (all the differing elements) in Dynamic Panel' and wrap into a slider?

But then the 'on page load + pause sequence of events'-pattern would not work anymore right?

Thank you for you help.




Hello! You can attach the sequence event to the canvas while leaving the swipe functionality in the carousel. I have attached an example that might be helpful for you. It showcases various events in different components. Feel free to explore it and let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards.

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