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Numeric Keypad not working

Known Riccardo A 21 months ago


I created text input field and set it to number and I have done on different projects (mobile, tablet etc). In multiple places in the forum it says that automatically a keypad appears when trying to type into that field. That does not happen. No keypad nor keyboard appear.

How do I make a custom keypad (with 0-9, comma, enter, backspace and cancel) so that all those digits (and preferably also the comma) work so that when pressed the text field is filled in?

And also that it only types a maximum of 3 digits?

Thank you

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Hi, sorry for the inconvenience, I couldn't reproduce the missing keyboard error, could you please send us your vp and a screenshot of the error?

I send you a Keypad example, in any key you can see the event where the "substring" is used to restrict the number of characters.


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