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Collaborative Prototype editing - Shared Prototype Name doesn't update

Known Chris Smith-hill 21 months ago


In my account chris.smith-hill@invmetrics.com, I had a prototype called "Style". I then subscribed to two additional users, who I am onbaording, and then tried to convert my prototype "Style" to a shared prototype that I invited them to collaboratively edit.

I called this prototype "Style Analytics Shared." As you can see from the screenshot this name is saved locally -


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Hello, when you do a "Share with users" a copy is generated in the cloud and you can give it the name you want, you can access it at: File -> Share with users -> Manage shared prototypes.

Once shared if you want to save the prototype in usernote, you will have to do: File -> Share with users and reviewers -> Share.

Let me know if the information was useful.


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