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Embed Custom Font Error - doesn't display even when installed

Known Tracy Reith 2 years ago

Hello, I am using a custom Corporate font in my prototype. It is installed on my system. When I publish my prototype, JiM correctly identifies it as a custom font that needs to be embedded.

When I attempt to embed the custom Corporate font by selecting TrueType fonts, which have been provided to me, I get an error message that file selected doesn't contain any of the listed fonts. My system is Windows based, so I'm guessing that I may have OpenType installed on my system.

When the prototype is rendered and viewed in a browser, the fonts are rendered as Arial, even though I have the custom Corporate font installed.

The application I am modeling is strictly an internal application and will be used exclusively on systems that have the Corporate font installed.

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Hello, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, could you send us the .ttf of the font, so that we can test it?




Please see attached .zip of .ttfs

Thank you

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