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Custom UI widget libraries are not updated on edit and save

Known Hamid Raza 2 years ago


I have created a custom widgets library. I have colors, text styles, components, and assets in it. I can add more items also; So, Good till this point, but the behavior of widgets is strange when I Edit/Save them.

Here is the list of issues:

  1. Updates in the widgets do not reflect on in-screen components.
  2. The changes in styles of a basic widget within my custom widget (Rectangle) are available for further use but not updated for the existing copies of this widget on my screen.
  3. I have a color widget in my custom library. I set this color to an event (Click) - action (Change Styles) for a component. The color is unchanged, and it will not reflect if I update the color widget.

I have attached the example and a video for better understanding.

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Hi, sorry for the inconvenience, points 1 and 2 is the normal behavior of the tool, but your suggestions are taken into consideration.

Point number 3, we have found a bug and we will be working to fix it soon. we will keep you posted.


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