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Intersection used with Data grid areas issue

Known Jeff Goldszer 2 years ago

Hey Risa,

The bug I am reporting has to do with the logic operator "Intersect" that is supplied with data grid areas as operands. It does not work properly.

Please let me apologize for not being accurate. I used the term "On Drop" but that makes no sense at all. However, the "Intersect" operation is executed in a "On Stop Drag" trigger when clause.

Attached to this issue is a zip file that contains the vp file and a short video that describes the issue.

For completeness, I explain how to duplicate the issue.below Hopefully, the video will suffice :)

To see the issue, use the attached vp file. Run the prototype and drag a "To Do" from the "Work with To Do" list to the "Prioritized To Do List". The "To Do" should stay in the "Prioritized To Do List" until you drag another "To Do" from the "Work with To Do" list. Dragging a "To Do" to any other part of the screen should result in the drag "To Do" vanishing.

Kind Regards


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Hello, we have reported the error and we will be working on it, as a workaround, you could cover the entire data grid area with a hotspot to calculate the intersection.



Hey Ria,

Thank you, Currently, I compare the current cursor position against the data grid coordinations (See Image) but your recommended way is much better.

Would you have any status of the Data Grid movement issue I reported yesterday?

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