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Set up Value to a category list

Known Xboucher 2 years ago

Hello !,

In my Data Master I've create a field named "Option" who is a Multicategory type

This field contain 4 different options.

Now I've a create on my "web panel" a "Client profil" screen where it display all my client informations. To display all the informations of my Data Master I've use the basic "On page Load - Set Value event" but this doesn't work for my field "Option". I tried many things but without success...

Can you help me ?

I want to see the field as a list with the options already checked and then create a form where I can modify this field



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I found a way to do it with an other data list and a filter to display only the line I want in function of the client selected. Not the easiest way to do it but it works.

Then I added an on change event to modify my data master


Hi, I'm glad it's resolved, please let us know if we can help you with anything.


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