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Prototyper version 9.7.0

Known Giorgio Sciani 2 years ago

With version 9.7.0, using "Change Style" action in the events (mouse over, click etc) is not longer possible to modify the shadow.

This is a very important feature, since changing the shadow, for example during a Mouse Over event, helps the user to understand actions and also Elevation of an object.

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Hello, I am sorry that you are having problems, in the new version the effects were enabled, where you can find the shadow edition, but they are no longer available to edit in events, it will be suggested for future improvements to restore this option, meanwhile you can perform the action you are looking for by convening two elements, one with shadows and one without shadows, with a show/hide on mouse over event.



Hi, thanks for the answer, but what you propose in not really feasible: we have more than 10 prototypes with more than 50 objects per prototype that needs modification, and we cannot afford this effort.

Could you tell me where I can download the previous version of Prototyper 9, so I could use my prototypes without the need to update them?

Thank you



Hello, sorry for the inconvenience, here is the link where you can download the previous version:



note that if you post to usernote

will use the 9.7 release, so it will look different.


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