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Modifying singular Data Master information

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I have a query regarding the modifying of a specific piece of data in a data master.

The scenario that I'd like to replicate in my prototype is:

Having a list of users from data masters on one page, which onClick leads to a profile page of the specified user (the profile page is a template page with data master data dynamically set depending on the information passed onClick).

The profile page would have columns to edit the user's info separately. Clicking edit next to the name for instance, a box appears so that the user can edit their name, and whatever value the user has given the input element applies both to the name on that profile page AND the name in the list of users. The particular edit that the user makes should update and persist across the system.

Directly using 'modify data master' method and using select and filter methods doesn't seem to update the data.

I have tried this tutorial: https://www.justinmind.com/support/prototyping-forms-data-lists-and-data-grids/ but following it doesn't seem to help with this particular issue. I'd like it so that it only modifies one piece of information in the data master at a time, rather than modifying all data onSubmit.

I have attached screenshots of my test prototype with notes below.

Let me know if any more info is needed.



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Hello, in order to modify an item of your datamaster, you would need an action that refreshes the information after making the modification, could you do it with variables, in order to help you better, could you attach your .vp?

Thank you.



Hello, I have attached my .vp below. Thank you!

Files: Test.vp

Hello, on the screen where you modify the user's name, you have an on page load event that is not necessary, the "edit" button needs to be inside the grid to be able to make the changes and that they are reflected in only that grid (remember that to insert an element into a grid or a panel you have to hold shift and drag ).

Create a new variable which will have the value of the cell grid, in the save button, the event has to be "On Click" + "Data Master Action" and give the variable the input value (I attached a screenshot).

let me know if it worked for you.


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