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Can not scroll on phone simulation

Known Khairuddinkaihan 2 years ago


I am currently making a longer screen for scrolling on mobile devices. When simulating it on the computer, the device screen (which is reached by pressing the "button" - button) everything works fine. I can scroll down and it works. On the other hand when simulating it on my Samsung s10+, it doesn't work the same way. It just won't scroll at all. Why is that?


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Hello, we will report this bug and it will be fixed in future updates, as a workaround: the background of the "mobile view" screen is a rectangle. You can remove it and set the color of the other rectangle as the background of the canvas directly.



Thanks for the tip!

Now I am working on a boking system for a gym that should almost work like google calendar. The thing I want to make is that the prototype/website is possible for some users to edit (like the staff) and for the regular users it is not possible. I don't want the staff to program in order to edit. it should be easy for them in other words. They only type a password and then they have access.

Would be really happy for a tip or solution!

Thanks in advance //Kaihan

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