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Spaces hard coded into formulas are not saving correctly

Known Robert Dew 2 years ago

I have a formula based on the index function. The formula looks for spaces in a user response to pick out the last three words. e.g.

set value of variable index1 using expression

INDEX [response, ' ']

when i save and reload the prototype the expression becomes

INDEX [response,'']

i.e the space has been removed. Can you provide a work around, explain what I am doing wrong or fix this bug please?

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Hello, in order to better help you, could you please send us your .vp and the functionality of the expression you are trying to build?

Thank you.



Hello, we have found an error with spaces in this formula, the problem has been reported and it will be worked on in future updates.

I add an example of how you could perform the action without it being deleted when reloading your prototype.

I hope it is useful to you.



Hi Ria,

Thanks for the example. I came up with the same soln using ] and [ characters as delimiters instead of - and - as you did.


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