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Need Answer Xboucher 2 years ago


Is it possible to create a pop up box to confirme un action ?

I've creat a form to add a new client to a list.

When I click on submit. it saved the new information and then go to the client list screen.

and I'd like to know if I can have on the list screen a pop up message saying "New client added"

Thx for your help !

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hello, it is possible to create an event "on page load" on the screen where your data list is located, to give it a pop up effect you could put the text hidden and give it an effect when loading the page.

let me know how it goes.




Thanks for your help

Yes I used "on page load" but I didn't wanted to have the pop up be show every time I load the page. I wanted only show it when a specifical action has be done.

So I now use variables !

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