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Using the free edition

Known innovative project 2 years ago

My free trial has just expired so I would like to continue on free edition, However when I click (use free edition) this appear for me (Justinmind activation error, you user can't be validated in justimind servers. Please connect to the internet to continue) But I have internet! How can I solve this problem, would you please help me. Thank you

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Hello, I am sorry that you are having problems with the application, in order to assist you in a better way could you please send me your log: You can find them by following this file path:

On Mac: [folder of the user]/justinmind/version/logs.log

On PC: (C://users/youruser/Justinmind[version]/logs.log)

There may also be a file called logs.log.1 in that folder. If it's also listed, please attach it as well.

I would also need to know if you access the internet through a proxy.



Hello Ria, I had sent you the files you want through email, I also don't use proxy to access internet, would you please check and help me because I am working on very important project and this problem is obstructing me



Thanks for the information, I will send this to our specialist and get back to you soon.


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