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Cannot edit text for widgets underneath other widgets

Known Karl 2 years ago

The removal of the item text from the widget properties panel has made editing the text of widgets in complex layouts much more labor intensive.

In previous versions of Justinmind with the item text visible in the property pane, I could edit the text of an item "covered" by other items directly by selecting it in the outline and editing the property.

In version 9, because I must directly click on an item to edit its text, I must tediously hide every element which sits "on top" (z-order wise) of the element I want to edit until it is the top most item in order to select its text and change it.

For even basic UIs where we use the "hotspot" widget it means we have to hide the hotspot every time we want to edit the text of the underlying UI widget. For complex UIs where multiple widgets may be displayed in the same location it is a massive time sink to have to hide and unhide all of the stacked controls to float the right one to the top.

Please consider restoring the ability to edit text via a property in the property pane.

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It is a valid point. We will add the suggestion to our product's backlog

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