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macOS Justinimind app: Cannot use app between multiple users

Known Sulgit_steven 2 years ago

I am a middle school computer technician that has been using Justinmind in a classroom. Due to security reasons we no longer use shared User accounts on the mac computers; I'm attempting to push the justinmind client with an MDM but have run into an issue. When I try to run the app after installation I get the message about the app needing to be in the Applications folder, even though it is in the root Applications folder(see attached screenshot).

I have found that when I get this message I can copy/paste the app and the copy works for that user; I can get to the login prompt for Justinmind. But if I try to access the app from another User account I get the message 'move app to applications folder' again.

Does Justinmind not support multiple users accessing the app on a MacOS computer?

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Is there no work around? Is Justinmind app only able to be shared from a single user on a given macOS computer?


It's because it copies only with read permissions for the other users. You just need to change the permissions of the .app to make it writeable for all the users. You can use a similar command than this:

chmod -R 777 /Applications/Justinmind.app/

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