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Wireframing mobile apps with Justinmind can support Diabetes Management. How? Let’s find out in our latest case study!

We recently had the opportunity to talk with nutritional biochemist and Justinmind user Cyrus Khambatta, he is also the founder of

The wireframing design workflow for mobile apps that support Diabetes Management presented by Cyrus Khambatta, Justinmind user and founder of Mangoman Nutrition and Fitness.


2014 was an amazing year for Mangoman, and Cyrus quickly proved that his services were in high demand. However, he felt that another method was needed if he wanted to reach much more people in his target market and take the company to the next level. To scale up his coaching business, he realized the best way would be “to package the program and its services into a mobile platform”. With the mobile app in mind the next step was to wireframe the app and test the concept.

A collaboration tool to start ahead of the curve

Like most mobile wireframe projects that involve more than one person, the first challenge is getting the different persons on the same page regarding the design and functionality of the mobile UX and design. Wireframing and agreeing on a concept collaboratively is a crucial advantage to create a solid mobile ux design for the end customer.

The Mangoman team also felt the need for a high fidelity wireframe. They “needed something that effectively looks exactly like the real app” where they could add as many details as possible, and that they could easily test on device, so to refine and iterate on any part of the design, and make the process easier for designers, executives and developers.

Cyrus was looking for a powerful wireframing tool that could communicate the powerful technology behind his data based mobile app.

After Cyrus and his team started with their first app mockup in Justinmind, and realized how quickly they could turn it into a high fidelity wireframe where they could import and simulate their own data, they were quickly sold. Not only is Justinmind a great prototyping tool to create mockups and interactive wireframes that you can test on device, it is also a great communication and collaboration platform.

Collaborative Prototyping for a better Design Process



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A solid mobile design starts with a solid wireframe

The team quickly saw how Justinmind was helping them move further in the app design and the refinement of its functionalities. Starting by the fact that the learning curve for achieving a high fidelity wireframe that looks and feels just like the real app was lower than he could have ever imagined.

“In terms of usability and functionality, compared to other tools, Justinmind is 1/100 the time investment in order to get something useful back. That is why I think it is fun to use.”

With 4 people on the team, Justinmind made the conceptualization of the app concept easier and faster. As they moved on, they were able to quickly identify the usability as well as the design issues in their initial mockup, and iterate with the right solutions. For instance, after having the first draft of their mobile wireframe, the team realized that their goal at that point was not realistic. Instead of continuing with the overcomplicated app, they iterated and turned it into multiple projects.

The original idea developed into two simple to use mobile apps that “were build out in a series of logical steps” that would differentiate and better fit the different end-users. The fact that they were able to iterate and go in a different direction with minimal rework definitely made them feel like it was the next step forward instead of a setback. Following the wireframing process in Justinmind got the team to build a highly functional app that is really simple to use and to expand from there.

Cyrus and the entire team were able to communicate clearly during the process and more importantly to him; he was able to control all the details, no matter how small, and see them work in real time directly from the mobile device.

“I’m a detail guy, I like to make sure everything is perfect”


High fidelity wireframes for App Design

Designing better apps with high fidelity wireframes

Being able to visualize the design of the mobile application, got the team to successfully understand and conceptualize the intended user experience. The visual design also improved communication and iteration across the team, so that in the end, the high fidelity wireframe supported and simulated the powerful technology that would be behind the app design.

Having rich interactions gave the team much more options to help create the dynamic content that made the app feel just like a real functioning and finished product. Compared to the limited functionalities of other wireframing tools, with Justinmind they were able to detail the animations between screens, animate in multiple directions, and input graphs as well as online and HTML5 files. And most importantly work with data.

Cyrus’ team doesn’t really follow a linear process, and that is another reason why Justinmind comes in so handy to them. They can edit any screen, any animation, any dataset individually at anytime.

“The tool is simple enough to use that it doesn’t in any way slow my work process down, what is does is it speeds it up and that is important”

Soon the team will be ready to test the final UX design with real users, and validate the mobile wireframes so they can be passed on to developers for implementation.

Cyrus Khambatta was diagnosed with type I diabetes 11 years ago, and back in 2014 he built a company to make it easier for people who suffer from diabetes to control and even reverse the disease using the right approach to diet.

His coaching business markets a nutrition and fitness program to teach and guide people “looking to make significant changes to their overall diet and fitness regime”. Packaging the program as a mobile platform should make it easy for people who have diabetes to record all their personal information in a simple format and then learn from it. Mangoman’s mobile application looks to harness the power of big data so we can learn, not only from our own data but also from that of others.

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