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Prototyping for developers, multi-target events, really helpful tooltips and lots more to see in our new features + some important bugs fixes!

New CSS view, multi-target events, really helpful tooltips and lots more to see in our new features + some important bugs fixes!

Spring has sprung and here at Justinmind we’ve been busy bees getting our new release out to all of our users! Read on to find out about all the new features available as of 5 minutes ago!

Check out our new release video below!

New CSS view

We’ve added a brand new CSS feature to our collection of floating palettes in Justinmind’s workspace. From the CSS palette, you can now copy and paste the CSS styles of UI elements, including width, height, font family, size and weight and color. Note that to edit the styles, you will still need to do so from the Properties palette.

This is a very exciting feature. We’re aiming to break down barriers between the design and development teams one feature at a time!


Scenario comments

You can now add comments and replies to the Scenarios tab in Justinmind, and to prototypes in online simulation, as in the user interface.

Multi-target events

Events can now be allocated to more than one UI element in the canvas. Events such as Show, Hide, Move and Resize can be spread across UI elements in the same event creation, to save you time in the interaction process.


Updates to events in templates

You can now add events to elements in a screen with any of your default templates, or templates you have created yourself, as the event target.

Additionally, the multi-target events work with templates too! Add the same event to multiple targets inside templates with this update.


Really helpful tooltips for the main menu

We gave our menu bar a bit of a makeover and now when you hover over our text and fill color drop down lists, a tooltip will tell you the color properties (hex color code) of the selected UI element.

An additional update related to Hex: you can now copy and paste Hex colors from other design tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch etc.) with the hashtag (#) included – aces! (Hashtags weren’t previously recognized).


Save images to your computer

There is a new button in the Properties panel that when an image is selected, allows you to save the image or icon to your computer. This is great for when you need to pass on an image to a colleague without noting down style or properties adjustments.

Tip: save SVG files as PNG if you want the image to retain its color properties.

Bug fixes

We’ve been doing some spring cleaning, tidying up bits and pieces. Check out our latest bug fixes below:

  • Fixed the problem of multiple sign ins that some users were experiencing with our update last month.
  • Fixed simulation issues in iOS prototypes that prevented click events from being executed.
  • Dynamic panel hierarchy can now be modified in the Outline tab.
  • Fixed a bug related to images displayed in Set Value events.
  • Problem related to reverting delete actions on screens has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue with JIRA and TFS plugins where issue types were always converted to ‘task’ – they now remain as in source.
  • Fixed style of iOS checkboxes in simulation.
  • Fixed crash related to fonts and styles when not available.
  • Fixed HiDPi issue with drop downs.
  • Fixed copy and paste issue when clipboard was empty.
  • Fixed issue with datagrids’ pagination when datagrids were nested.
  • The drag and drop feature for links between components in your scenarios has been improved.
  • Upon exporting documentation to MS Word, the order will reflect that of the Screen’s panel, instead of alphabetical order.

Update your Justinmind prototyping tool now and take advantage of all these great updates! You can do so by clicking on the link below. 

Emily is Marketing Content Editor at Justinmind


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  • This is nice,\\
    I feel like its becoming a great prototyping tool but its missing alot of element for production such as audio video and 3d transition. I’ve been waiting for other interactions for this tool but it seems like the focus is more goes towards communication.

    • Hi Alen! Thanks for your feedback. As for audio, we are actually working on this and hope to have something out soon! Stay tuned 😉

  • Hi,

    These are really helpful new features, great! Just one question about multi-target events: could this be taken a bit further? I’m hoping for a feature which enables selecting several components and adding a similar event to them all at once. Or to be able to add event to a group, which would result in event being defined to all of the group’s sub-components. Would this kind of multi-“source” event feature be possible?

    Example: we have a menu item with bg, label and icon > group them > add event: on mouse-click, link to another screen. This way I wouldn’t have to add event to all sub-comps to make sure user can click anywhere on the button area.

    • Hi Suvi, thanks for your feedback.

      To add an event to several component, simply use the shift key to select multiple elements whilst creating the events in the events dialog.
      As for adding events to a group, simply ungroup the elements and perform the above action and then regroup – this is a workaround for what you’re asking.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

      • Hi Emily,

        thanks for your answer!

        It’s just that if I choose several components using Shift key, I get “Only available for single selections” note in Events dialog. I’m using v.7.8.0. Am I missing something..?


        • Hi Suvi, that’ll be because not all events offer the multi-target option. Which event(s) do you want to add to the UI elements?

        • Hi Emily,
          I really have the same issue.

          For example I have an icon home and the text “home”. If I press the icon or the text I want to transition to a new page.
          Mostly these are grouped together but it is not possible to create an event for both, icon and text at the same time.
          We really have a lot of items acting like this and it takes a lot of time to always copy and paste the interactions for all the group items.
          Workaround could be to create an hotspot if they are beside each other. But it would be really neat and saving a lot of time if a group could act as hotspot.

          Best regards,

          • Hi Darja,

            The multi-target functionality only works for some events. However, I believe what you’re looking for can be done. To link multiple elements to a different screen, select them all at once and drag them to the desired screen in the Screens tab. Is this what you’re looking for?


  • How to get the ScrollTop value of Dynamic Panel?
    I need to judge when ‘Dynamic Panel ScrollTop>50px,’ the color of the other elements changes. But now I can only find’Window Scroll Y’ in Events

    • Hi there! Please send your prototype to our Support team for help with this: justinmind.com/community Thanks

  • Great Updates ! Would speed up a lot of design process ! Thanks a bunch for these . CSS is a milestone in JIM’s roadmap ! Cheers Guys !