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Justinmind now includes iOS7 emulators, Android KitKat, Google Fonts, drop shadows and many other new features. Check them all in this article.

What started as just an update to fix some bugs has become a new amazing version of Justinmind with lots of new features and usability improvements.

Try our new iOS7 emulators, the great Android KitKat library or the new Google Fonts integration. Or check the entire list of changes just below these lines.

This is the entire list of features and bug fixes included in this update:

  • iOS7 emulators and libraries for iPhone and iPad
  • Android KitKat library and templates
  • Font family selector: now you can select any modificator for a given font family, such as Helvetica Ultralight for instance.
  • Embed Google Fonts: an integration with Google Fonts allows you to use any of those fonts in your prototypes. Those fonts will be embedded in your prototype and your widgets so anyone who you share your prototype with, even if he doesn’t have that font, will see your prototype with the font you selected.
  • Drop shadows: now you can add shadows to texts and shapes. You can even use them to design halo effects on your widgets.
  • Swipe, pinch and rotate gestures now work even if there are elements above the ones that have those events defined. So, you can define them at the background of any container and place anything you want inside.
  • Improvements in groups: now it’s easier to work with groups, you can move the elements inside a group using the arrow keys and you can place widgets in and out of a group using the outline.
  • Improvements in copy and paste: right click (or cmd click) and paste will leave the element just below the cursor, multi selection copy and paste will keep the events.
  • Move and resize now have easing (animation) effects
  • Set focus and scroll to: the set focus action now just activates an input. A new action is now available, the scroll to action, that also includes animation effects.
  • Site map: now the site maps shows always expanded and includes options to save the site map as an image.
  • New function ‘Filter distinct’, like the ‘Filter’ one but without repetitions
  • Rounded corners in input fields, select lists and images
  • Publishers in Usernote can also share libraries
  • Scale simulation: configure the zoom level of the contents in the simulation
  • Easier to make a prototype in Usernote public or private
  • Redesign of the simulation and the comments system in Usernote
  • Chrome extension to be able to simulate using Google Chrome
  • Reports menu changed by the option File – Export to doc
  • Actions in Scenarios now allow more than one arrow
  • The expression builder dialog now keeps the size of the last time it was opened
  • Google Analytics integration fixed
  • Some memory leaks fixed
  • Many bugs fixed.

Wow! You really got this far reading? Good for you!

As you see we’ve been quite busy. But we’d love to hear your thoughts about these changes. So, give Justinmind 5.6 a try and tell us!

Victor is the Product Manager at Justinmind. His specialties include business analysis, usability, requirements management and prototyping. When not busy doing that he is known to eat or sleep.