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Justinmind 5.0: Teamwork and mobile prototyping

Hello Justinminders!

Today we have great news for you! Justinmind Prototyper 5.0 is ready and comes with features that you won’t see in any other tool out there. We want only the best for our beloved users.

Shared Prototypes

I’m really excited to announce that Justinmind finally includes teamwork: a way to edit the same prototype at the same time by different users. But it’s not like other teamwork systems you’ve seen before. This one doesn’t need to install any kind of server, everything is handled in the cloud. So, here you go, teamwork in the cloud and no configuration required. It just works!

Transition effects for mobile apps prototyping

But, that’s not all folks. For all the Justinminders who use our tool to prototype mobile apps, this is a gift for you: transition effects. Now you can prototype the fully experience of a mobile app (inside a mobile) adding to your prototype flips, slide, flow, turn and pop effects to your links. YOU MUST TRY THIS. I promise you will be amazed.

Floating palettes

Also a long time requested option has been included in this release: floating palettes. Like in Adobe Photoshop? Yes, just like that. Now you can configure your Justinmind editor the way you want to, and even work using two screens. Really handy.

That’s all? Well, not bad. WAIT! I haven’t finished yet. There are still a few things you’ll love about this version. So, please, bear with me!

Specifications document generation

I know what you’re thinking: ‘oh dear, these people at Justinmind keep adding features. But when are they going to improve the specification documents generation?’ Answer: we did it! Justinmind now includes all the suggestions you made us to improve the specifications document generation: numeric markers, export to PDF, generate hidden content and many other configuration options. And it even goes further. Justinmind 5 allows you to turn your current specification documents into generation templates.

Center content in screens

Now you have the option to show the content of your prototypes centered no matter the resolution you’re using to see them. Even if you change the size of your browser’s window, the content will rearrange itself until everything is centered again.

New tutorials

Cool! But, how do I learn to use all of that? You will be glad to know we added a few more tutorials in our website. Check them out!

Anything else? Sure! Native drop down select lists, highlight interactions while simulating a prototype, data grid sorting and many other things are included in this version. Take a look at the list below. And don’t forget to give it a try!

Change log

  • Shared prototypes
  • Transition effects in links: flip vertical/horizontal, slide up/down/left/right, flow, pop, fade and turn
  • Floating palettes and floating canvas
  • Customize your specifications document
  • Data grids sorting: new function ‘sort’ available inside the ‘Collections’ tab
  • Native select list: now drop downs adapt themselves to the device you are using to view your prototype.
  • Highlight interactive areas: your reviewers will know where to click in your prototypes now
  • Site map: an automatic sitemap of your prototype calculated from the links you defined in it
  • Full screen for Mac OS X users
  • Change the data master associated to a data grid
  • Replace prototype in the online account now ask if you want to keep the comments or not

If you purchased a license or renewal after Oct 9, 2011, then Justinmind 5 is a free update for you. If not, you can purchase a renewal (IMPORTANT: If you have a .lic file instead of a license number, your license number is the same as the name of that .lic file).

Please note: Version 5 will open and convert files created in previous versions. However, files created in 5 will not open in previous versions of Justinmind. To avoid compatibility issues, we recommend that teams upgrade together.

Victor Conesa

About the Author

Victor is the Product Manager at Justinmind. His specialties include business analysis, usability, requirements management and prototyping. When not busy doing that he is known to eat or sleep.

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