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Prototyper 4.5: Easier to use and faster than ever

The Justinmind Prototyper 4.5 Release is now ready for download and I want to share with you why we are so excited about it. We started focusing our efforts on making it easier to use and we ended up making nearly 30 usability improvements! (Details at the end of this post)

So, what’s new in this version?

Mainly a lot of usability improvements: We have fixed bugs and stuff that make this version even faster than its predecessors. But we did not stop here. There are a few new features that must be highlighted:

Hide and show layers just like in Photoshop

A new option is now available that will make your daily work with Prototyper a lot easier. Now you can hide or show any component while you are editing just like you do in Photoshop. This is specially handy when you have several dynamic panels one on top of the others and you want to select something that is below them.

Simulate with real data

Now you can add real data to your data masters. In the Data Master properties you’ll find two new buttons that will allow you to import records from a CSV file. That kind of file can be obtained from Excel or even from a real database.

Different people working in the same prototype

The new “Import/Export prototype” option will let you split and merge different prototypes into the same one. It even controls conflicts and let you choose which version you want to implement in the final prototype. This will allow you to have more than one person working in the same prototype and then join their work into a single one.

Super fast HTML export

We optimized the HTML export option and now it generates files in no time! Along with that we have also fixed many of the issues we had with antivirus and firewalls blocking that option.

We have implemented over 30 new features and improvements . For more details check out the full release notes just below

Release Notes

We redesigned the HTML and Usernote prototype’s left panel

No more antivirus or firewalls blocking the HTML generation

Configure visible items in outline (just like in Photoshop)

Publish online now support proxies

Now you can reorder actions inside the events panel using drag and drop.

You can also order widgets in the ‘My widgets’ tab using drag and drop.

Double-click on .vp files in Mac now launch Prototyper and opens that prototype.

We solved the next tickets created in our community support:







Label widget doesn’t have a left padding by default.

Now you´ll find a new ‘Insert’ menu to add text and images directly

We have renamed the canvas size to Resolution Guides and placed it inside the View menu

We have fixed the bug when clicking on a master

You can undo when you are editing a rich text.

Now the ‘Del’ key works in everyplace.

If nothing is selected, then the screen gets the focus.

You can choose if you want to export to HTML including the left panel or not.

We have simplified all the dialogs.

The ruler guides are stored when the prototype is saved.

The 960 grid templates are included by default.

The action ‘link to’ now displays the list of screens along with the images.

When you use the ‘paste’ tool the focus is centered on the component.

The position of the ruler guide is displayed while you drag it.


Ready to download

The Justinmind Prototyper 4.5 Release is now ready for download – get started with a 30-day FREE trial or upgrade your current instance.

Victor Conesa

About the Author

Victor is the Product Manager at Justinmind. His specialties include business analysis, usability, requirements management and prototyping. When not busy doing that he is known to eat or sleep.

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