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Simulate gestures (swipe, pinch, rotate, tap & hold and orientation change) with the new Prototyper 4.6 release. This update also includes new events (toggle, on focus lost,...), new effects and the option to extend and customize Prototyper and even generate code.

Hi Justinminders,

We are very excited to announce that Prototyper 4.6 has finally seen the light! Why are we so excited about that? Because this version includes uber cool features that will delight you, especially if you prototype mobile apps. Keep reading and you’ll know why.

Simulate Gestures

More and more mobile and tablet app developers are choosing Justinmind as their favorite prototyping tool. We can’t disappoint them so we were working hard to give them the most powerful tool to build amazing mobile and tablet app prototypes, so here it is, with the new Prototyper 4.6 you can simulate swipe (in all possible directions), tap & hold, pinch and rotate gestures in your prototypes.

You can even capture a change in the orientation of your mobile device and hence simulate responsive design! Isn’t that amazing? No? Well, take a look at this prototype.

Open it with your iPad for a full mobile experience (don’t try this prototype with your computer or you’ll find yourself touching the monitor with your fingers. I tell you, if you do that it won’t work). Add it as a favorite to your iPad’s home screen to view it in full screen.

You can Download the prototype if you want to check how we built it.

Extend your Prototyper: welcome to our new Plugin Market!

Yes, that’s right, now you can extend Prototyper 4.6 with plugins! Take a look at our Plugin Market and choose the plugin that best fits your needs. But that’s not all. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could extend the power of Prototyper by yourself? Have you ever wished to generate code from a prototype and reuse all of your work? Do you want to integrate Prototyper with other tools and you don’t know how? The answer to all this questions: Plug-ins! Yes, now with Prototyper 4.6 you can develop your own plugin and extend Prototyper in the way you want to. There are no limits. Take a look at our Developers section and give it a try!

Shared Widget Libraries

Let’s imagine this case: You are in a big company which made a rollout of Justinmind Prototyper on a lot of users. You built a great widget library following your company’s style guides and all those users are using it in a daily basis. They are happy with it but then, comes the day when you have to make a change on that library… Wouldn’t it be awesome if those users can update the library automatically? Even better, wouldn’t it be just amazing if you are the only one who can change that library? You are already feeling the power, aren’t you? This new feature adds a new tab in the widgets panel called ‘Shared’ and allows you to share a widget library using your Usernote’s account and invite other users of Justinmind to use your library and keep it updated.

Make your prototypes even more interactive: more events and effects

You will find new events available for your prototypes in this version such as on mouse up, on mouse down, on focus in, on focus out, on key up, on key down and my favorite one: Toggle. But we didn’t just added events, we filled Prototyper with a huge set of effects to make your prototypes even more interactive.

Check out this prototype and see all the power of jQuery events and effects working. You can download the prototype if you like.

How to simulate your prototypes from a mobile device

Even though this topic has been explained in different places like this blog or our community we thought it could be handy to have a tutorial. Now, in the Learn section of our web site you’ll find a new tutorial that explains in detail how to build a prototype for a mobile app and then simulate it inside a mobile device. Take a look at it, there are even some tricks that can help you to prototype your next app!

Usability improvements and some bug fixes

We don’t only add new features but we also take care of the ones the product already has. That’s why this update includes some usability improvements that will make your daily work with Prototyper a lot easier. The biggest ones are about dynamic panels:

  • The ‘tabs’ have been replaced by a more handy ‘drop down menu’.
  • Now, a panel has two states in design mode: content blocked and content unblocked. That way you can drag components over a panel without inserting them into it. The panel appears blue when blocked. Just double-click to unblock your panel and then you will be able to edit the content inside it.
  • A special action has been added to show a panel, it’s called ‘set active panel’

Another big usability improvement is the option to download and import the comments of a prototype published in Usernote directly within Prototyper. Choose ‘Share -> import comments’ and you’ll have all your client’s feedback imported inside your prototype in just a click.

But there are even more improvements in this version. For instance you can import a data master from a real data base using the new import data master from CSV option.

These are other improvements and bug fixes included in this update:

The Export to HTML and Save as images options have been moved to the menu File

Outline view included in the Free Edition

Use the arrow keys to move a component in the prototype when you select it from the Outline

The Expression Builder now includes an Outline view. You can drag components to the expression from there as well.

The default option for Hide/Show action is ‘Show’

Now the scroll works in prototypes when you see them inside an Android device (scroll in dynamic panels hasn’t been fixed yet)

You can choose which browser do you want to use for simulation in Preferences

These tickets raised by our community have been fixed:


Speeding up our development process

Really?? You did all that in just 3 months? Yes, and the main reason is another change we did in Prototyper. Now, there are no differences between the prototype in Usernote and the simulation. Instead every time you click on Simulate an extremely fast generation is executed and your simulation opens in your default web browser. That way you can be sure that what you are doing is the same your users will see in Usernote. That makes us go even faster improving Prototyper because we don’t have to maintain two types of simulation and we can have all the power of HTML. Anyway we add a ‘Preview’ option next to the ‘Simulate’ button that allows you to see how your page will look like in simulation mode. So what’s next? Well, as always we must keep it in secret (walls have ears) but you can expect some improvements on the document generation and something about team work in the months to come. So stay tuned!

License details

If you purchased a license or renewal after May 22, 2011, then Justinmind Prototyper 4.6 is a free update for you. If not, you can purchase a renewal (IMPORTANT: If you have a .lic file instead of a license number, your license number is the same as the name of that .lic file).

Please note: Version 4.6 will open and convert files created in previous versions. However, files created in 4.6 will not open in previous versions of Justinmind Prototyper. To avoid compatibility issues, we recommend that teams upgrade together.

Victor is the Product Manager at Justinmind. His specialties include business analysis, usability, requirements management and prototyping. When not busy doing that he is known to eat or sleep.