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The official launching of the ultimate wireframe tool: brand new Justinmind Prototyper 4.0.

Dear customers and users,

Today we have launched the 4.0 version of Justinmind Prototyper with amazing improvements! After six months of development and two of beta testing here are the main differences from the last version:

  • New functions in the expression builder to simulate complex data flows
  • Optimized workspace and more space to draw
  • Set same distance between components
  • Lots of improvements on tables: add row below/above, column right/left, copy and paste content between rows, table menu, …
  • Properties tab improved: set the position of a component, values of a drop-down menu,…
  • Default resolutions available for the canvas
  • No restrictions for screen names, data masters names, etc.
  • More event actions available
  • Lots of new keyboard shortcuts
  • Customized IDs for widgets
  • Organize your screens in a hierarchy
  • New HTML export with all the comments introduced inside the Prototyper and with data master simulations
  • Filter UI widgets list
  • Performance highly improved in Mac OS
  • Option to export the HTML without the comments in the preferences
  • See the difference between template widgets and screen widgets (grey color use)
  • Don’t automatically open the .doc file after generating it
  • New Quick Start Guides documents

And even more like for instance, tooltips, masters size, single radio button, more intuitive data grids management, etc

We are always happy to receive suggestions from anyone, drop us a line! Many of the suggestions have already been implemented and others will come in future updates and releases. Thanks to all our users for their insightful feedback!

Victor is the Product Manager at Justinmind. His specialties include business analysis, usability, requirements management and prototyping. When not busy doing that he is known to eat or sleep.