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New version of Justinmind Prototyper, to wireframe and prototype interactive and dynamic apps and websites.

Dear customers and users,

Today we have launched a new update for Justinmind Prototyper with some interesting improvements that could make your daily work more comfortable. Important: if you use the new widget named “rectangle” your prototype can be opened with the 3.2 version only (not older versions).


We have changed the way tables resize. Now, only the last column or row is resizable. We realized that resizing all the cells when a table is resized has more drawbacks than advantages so we changed it.


Components are not always easily selected. So we´ve decided  to improve this feature by highlighting components when “flown over”. Now, you’ll see a nice orange border effect when you put the mouse over a component. Furthermore, the cursor now changes state to suggest possible actions to users.


We also decided to change the way containers work. Before, you couldn´t  put a component over a container as the component was integrated straight in the container. We also changed the dual structure of “layer containers” vs “simple container” as it was impossible to transform one into the other. First, we changed the “container” widget to a more simple “rectangle”. Moreover, all the old “containers” are now “layered containers”. Please note that all prototypes made with older versions work fine, however, prototypes made with the 3.2 can´t be opened with older versions.


We have noticed that certain users tend to create widgets by clicking on them in the control panel and then click again on the canvas, instead of using the drag&drop function. These users were used to other drawing tools that work like that, so, along with the drag&drop option, you’ll be now able to create widgets by clicking on them on the control panel. This can be really useful when you want to draw a rectangle with a certain size from start.

Outline View

The outline view was a really good solution to the selection issues on the widgets but we have received many requests to improve it. So now you can right click on the outline view elements and execute the same options that if they were selected in the canvas. Also you can define the order of the elements by drag and drop and insert elements into containers also by drag and drop, all inside the Outline View.

Keyboard shortcuts at Properties panel

The canvas  were reacting to keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+C or CTRL+V but the properties panel wasn´t. So users thought they were copying and pasting properties between the properties input fields but what they were actually doing was making copies of the screen component that was selected. To avoid such confusion, we have implemented all these keyboard shortcuts on both canvas and property panels.

We are always happy to receive suggestions from anyone, drop us a line! Many of the suggestions have already been implemented and others will come in future updates and releases. Thanks to all our users for their insightful feedback!

Victor is the Product Manager at Justinmind. His specialties include business analysis, usability, requirements management and prototyping. When not busy doing that he is known to eat or sleep.

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