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Download our guide to creating user personas and get our customizable user persona template. Boost your user experience knowledge now

Download our guide to creating user personas and get our customizable user persona template. Boost your user experience knowledge now

The formula for great user experience starts with the user. Involving users in the design process helps us make informed design decisions that drive great UX. The problem is that users can’t tell us what they want – they have limited insights into their online behavior. To get into the user psyche, we have to actively observe how users interact with software and apps. Only through user experience research can we make informed design decisions.

But what do we do with all that research? Simply implement it into our designs? No. Smart UXers take their user research gains and create user personas. Personas, or user archetypes, help us to visualize important user habits and attributes and make software design decisions around the user. In our latest free downloadable, ‘UXer’s guide to user personas’, we show you how to create your own user persona template.

Build awesome user personas with our free template. No email required.

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What’s in this downloadable?

UXer’s guide to user personas contains a user persona fact sheet, as well as a customizable user persona template. These tools will help you connect your product with the right audience and keep your design process on the right track.

Being informed about how user personas will help you to position your team dynamics around user needs. Our persona template makes it easier to get started. Customize it according to your own research and product strategy.

What you’ll learn: personas, strategy and UX lessons

With UXer’s guide to user personas, you’ll learn user persona development and documentation from the ground up:

  • Learn how to combine your user’s profile with insights into their behavior and how to avoid working blindly on your UX efforts
  • Look out for industry expert tips on building a successful user persona, defining your ideal user “types” and driving your end goals around your users
  • Explore the benefits that a user persona template can have for your entire team and stakeholders. These include optimizing navigation flows, improving product positioning and increasing conversion – all by targeting the right buyer persona

Who should download this personas template?

  • UXers and designers
  • UX leads and directors
  • Product Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Marketers

Download now to reach your ideal target audience and increase conversion. What have you got to lose?

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