35 best UX blogs

November 22, 2019
20 of the best UX design blogs

Looking for tips, tricks and techniques in the art of UX design? Then look no further than this list of the best UX blogs around!

Are you working in UX design or considering a move in to the field? UX design is still a relatively new pursuit and is a field that’s in a constant state of flux. This is because more and more companies and institutions are starting to recognize the importance of this once overlooked field.

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As a result, you’ll want to make sure you continuously hone and develop your skills. Doing your own research is one of the ways you can help guarantee that your designs will be cutting edge and have the highest degree of usability.

The good news is that, nowadays, it’s easier than ever to learn new skills and keep up with news and trends online. And research doesn’t have to be boring! In this post, we’ve rounded up a list of the top 35 UX blogs full of tips, resources and entertaining content for you to combine with your favorite website prototyping tool. Read on and pick your favorites!

Why you should read up on UX design

Follow industry trends

Just like graphic design and web development, UX design trends come and go for a reason. UX is all about developing a better digital world for humanity. It’s a field that requires innovation, but that is constantly evolving. Regularly following UX blogs can help you keep on top of changes in the industry, as well as develop your UX skills.

Additionally, many UI design blogs expose you to case studies detailing an app or web’s successful development, along with how its usability was improved. Reading about these types of cases can help give you ideas. In this sense, UX blogs can help provide an indication for the kinds of directions your future projects should take.

Best UX design blogs - case studies, inspiration and resources

After all, trends usually develop as a result of improving certain technologies to avoid previous errors. That’s why it’s important, above all in UX, to keep abreast of the latest trends. It’s also good for business – if your product has a good UX, it’s much more likely to succeed. Sound like a no-brainer? That’s because it is!

Discover useful tools and resources

UX blogs can also be great places to discover new tools of the trade or updates and improvements to current ones! Many UX blogs contain useful guides on how to use certain design or user testing tools.

They’re also a great place to look for inspirational examples when it comes to UI design. In fact, many of the UI design blogs on this list are full of examples, as well as the trials and errors that other designers have recorded. What’s better than learning from other people’s experiences? That’s how we move forward!

We had a meetup in San Francisco with Leslie Yang of Opentable. In the talk she discusses how we can learn from others by applying Design Thinking to leadership!

Additionally, by following UX-UI blogs, you can keep up to date with upcoming seminars, conferences and webinars on the subject. Many of the blogs on this list includes dates for meetups, talks and conferences all around the globe.

So without further ado, here are the 35 best UX blogs to add to your bookmarks and start following today!

Top 35 UX blogs

1. Justinmind

Yep. That’s us. The voice of UX design. If you’re reading this, then you’re already off to a great start! The Justinmind blog has a wealth of educational but informal and fun posts on a variety of relevant UX design topics which we publish regularly!

On the Justinmind blog, you can find well-researched posts covering every topic from the latest trends and developments in UX design, guides on how to use our prototyping tool, as well as general UX and graphic design tips.

Best UX design blogs - Justinmind

If you haven’t already, add us to your bookmarks and we promise to keep you regularly up to date with entertaining and relevant posts each week! Or alternatively, just sign up for our newsletter for great posts to your inbox each week. It’s a great source of information as a UI design blog.

2. Smashing Magazine

If you’ve worked in digital design at all, then you’ve surely heard of the Smashing Magazine blog. This UX blog has regular posts that are highly-informed and written by UX design experts such as Nick Babich and Vitaly Friedman.

Smashing Magazine covers everything from monthly web development, but also a list of important design developments every month.

Best UX design blogs - Smashing Magazine

You can also find trends and techniques from other UXers in the field. One of the great things about this UX blog is that it even includes interesting and less touched-upon topics. You’ll find posts on subjects such as the psychology, even the biology, behind design.

3. Nielsen Norman Group

You know that the Nielsen Norman Group’s UX blog is the place to come when you see the name of one of UX’s founding fathers in the name. Co-founded by Don Norman, this UX blog features many research-driven and educational posts on the research behind UX design.

Many of the topics on this blog revolve around user testing and user behavior. They also feature posts on UX for ecommerce, mobile design and user friendliness. While the posts are scientifically oriented, they’re written in a way that’s readable and decipherable for lay people.

Best UX design blogs - Nielsen Norman Group

One of the most helpful features of this blog are the research posts they publish, with data and facts from previous studies in the field of UX design that can serve as a useful aid when designing user-friendly features in a product. It can also be considered a wonderful UI design blog.

4. UX Matters

UX Matters is a UX blog focusing on research, accessibility and design. It contains UX tips for everyone from beginners through to advanced designers with lots of experience, including those just starting out in the industry.

On this UX blog you’ll find plenty of practical tips for UX designers such as staying on budget during research, and communicating to developers. It also details a wide range of interesting and relevant topics. You’ll find posts on everything from designing usable AI apps, to reviews on newly published books that are relevant to the industry.

Best UX design blogs - UX Matters

One thing that separates this blog from others is the fact that they have a feature that allows you to send any UX-related questions you have to UX pros and get the answers you need to your burning questions.

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5. UX Booth

UX Booth is a blog that boasts plenty of high quality articles that have been backed by the latest research in the field – and these guys keep on top of all the goings-on! They also post about many unique topics such as voice UX design.

Best UX design blogs - UX Booth

Furthermore, this UX blog includes posts about many useful topics for UX designers that can help provide practical solutions. Expect to find content on subjects such as user analytics, interaction design, business strategy in UC, accessibility design and general UX design philosophy. Definitely a UI design blog worth checking out!

6. UX Magazine

Like the name suggests, UX Magazine is a blog that regularly publishes posts with gripping headlines about the latest trending topics in UX design. They cover a wide range of interesting points concerning AI design and bot design.

Best UX design blogs - UX Magazine

This UX blog is also a useful place to stop for news about nearby conferences and training opportunities in the field of UX design. Additionally, it’s a great place to connect with other designers in the field, as you can sign up and create an account.

7. UX Movement

UX Movement is great for brilliant visual and comparative examples of UX-friendly website and mobile app design. Expect to find many posts here concerning design principles and practical information.

Additionally, it’s a great UI design blog to check into frequently to keep on top of all the latest tools in the industry, as well as to learn about new training courses in UX design. You’ll find posts on practical information such as how to land a first job in the UX design industry.

Best UX design blogs - UX Movement

One section that separates this UX blog from others is that it contains one section dedicated entirely to posts about wireframes with plenty of visual examples. All the information in this section includes practical guides on tissues like site flows and visual hierarchy.

8. UX Planet

UX Planet is a UX blog that contains an exciting range of topics. UX designer, Nick Babich, who also publishes regularly to Smashing Magazine, is Editor in Chief.

Why not check out our Q&A with Nick Babich? In it, he talks up all things UX, empathy and prototyping!

A good example of the variety of posts UX Planet has is one on how to design via lucid dreaming, using an app designed specifically for such a task! It’s always great to read UX blogs that are a little unique and stand out from the crowd. It can also be considered a great UI design blog.

Best UX design blogs - UX Planet

The great thing about the posts on this site is that lay people or designers just starting out in the field will be able to read these posts as they are written in an informative, yet conversational tone and not layered with complexity.

Obviously, you know that a UX blog is worth screen time when you have a wide range of professional UX designers who contribute regularly.

9. Usability Geek

Usability Geek is a UX blog that started out as designer Justin Mifsud’s hobby and soon grew in popularity. This blog features case studies on various sites and apps and covers a vast array of relevant UX talking points, such as IA, HCI and basically anything that improves UX.

Check out our Q&A with Justin Mifsud where talks about his passion for web usability and the importance of prototyping to the user experience!
Best UX design blogs - Usability Geek

It’s a great UX design blog to come to if you want to learn new skills and progress in the field. In fact, if you sign up to Usability Geek, you can get up to three months of courses in UX design for free with IDF!

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10. UX Myths

It’s always a breath of fresh air when you stumble across a blog with a unique angle. UX Myths revolves around debunking the many myths and clichés of the field.

This UX blog is designed so that as soon as you get to the landing page, your eyes are drawn to the list. You’re sure to see several things you remember hearing jumping out at you, such as “Mobile users are distracted” or “Simple = minimal”.

Best UX design blogs - UX Myths

Click on any of the myths and you’ll see why they’re untrue and are debunked directly by professional UX designers in the field. Why not take a look at the list and see if you recognize any annoying UX design myths?

11. Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is the place to come if you’re particularly interested in the field of website design and website UX. On this blog they have a category entirely dedicated to website design and include examples of sites with great UX design.

Best UX design blogs - Creative Bloq

You’ll discover many practical guides and examples of website design that can go a long way to helping improve UX, such as tips for working with different screen resolutions and how to create user journeys. It also has plenty of content on the visual aspect of things, making it a good UI design blog too.

12. Awwwards

Awwwards is a design blog that does what it suggests in the title – they provide awards to some of the most innovative website designs on the internet. This is a great blog to come to if you’re looking for inspiration and is a great place to find design solutions that think outside the box.

Best UX design blogs - Awwwards

Awwwards has many categories for different website design, but if you’re going to look at one – make sure you check out the Site of the Day section. Site of the Day features a new website each day and one of the metrics it’s rated on is functionality and usability, with the rest being creativity (always important in design), content and mobile responsiveness.

13. A List Apart

What we like about A List Apart is that the posts on this UI design blog are written in a conversational tone that’s accessible to all levels. But even if you’re advanced, you might not necessarily feel like reading a Science paper in your downtime, right?

Another great feature of this UX blog is that much of the content revolves around building user-centered websites. But it also focuses on other areas which are equally important to UX design, such as the design and development of online content and UX copy.

Best UX design blogs - A List Apart

Furthermore, it’s a great place to come to see examples of great website layout and examples of how different types of businesses can achieve exceptional usability and a great UX on their websites. Topics include responsive and multidevice design, as well as news and updates from the digital design industry.

14. UXstudio

If your looking for a blog that’s all-things UX, then UXStudio should be in your bookmarks. On this UX blog you’ll find helpful posts on topics that are useful and particularly relevant to the UX design industry. Topics include Agile design, responsive design and UX research tips.

You’ll also find informative, interesting posts such as UX’s role in sustainability and smart homes, along with guides on every-day design ranging from how to design online surveys and travel app design. They also include interviews with UX designers in the field.

Best UX design blogs - UXstudio

Additionally, this UX blog contains many useful and practical posts in the field and we guarantee you’ll definitely learn new tricks if you check back in with them on a regular basis. It can also be considered a wonderful UI design blog.

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15. UserTesting

UserTesting is a simple tool for the design community that’s used for conducting user research. It’s also a tool that happens to be integrated with Justinmind! But not only that, UserTesting also has a UX blog with a diverse range of practical posts that address UX from an empirical point of view.

Did you know: Justinmind has also posted to UserTesting’s UX blog? Check out our post on how small teams can benefit from fast prototyping!

Many of the posts on this UX blog center around the research that goes into creating good UX, but it doesn’t stop there.

Best UX design blogs - UserTesting

They also produce original content on topics such as why data alone isn’t enough to create good UX and how to resolve design disputes within companies along with the power of empathy for better decision making.

16. Interaction Design Foundation

Interaction Design Foundation is a pedagogical UX blog but doesn’t feel like one. And that’s not because of the quality, which is of an infinitesimally high standard, but because the posts are written in a way that feel accessible, casual and conversational. It’s a UX blog that Don Norman himself has rated as “a goldmine of information on interaction design”.

This UX blog provides courses and certification on a number of subjects such as visualization, gamification, how to create addictive UX and much more. It also has an open-source library with tips on UX design, along with advanced training.

Best UX design blogs - Interaction Design Foundation

Many top names in the design industry have contributed to the Literature section of this blog, such as Don Norman. Definitely one for the bookmarks list! It’s also a great source of information for UI design, working well as a UI design blog.

17. UX Collective

UX Collective’s followers is a fact that speaks for itself – with over 300k followers, it’s definitely a UX blog worth checking out. Like many blogs out there, they provide a wealth of practice tips and advice (such as the anatomy of a button) and news and trending topics from the UX design industry.

However, one thing that sets them apart from the rest is that they also include posts about many of the finer, not so talked about details of UX design such as how to succeed as a new manager and how to give feedback.

Best UX design blogs - UX Collective

They also feature many stories from UX designers that most who have worked in the UX industry will be able to relate to. Definitely something to check out in your downtime with a cup of Gunpowder Jasmin and UX slippers!

18. Designmodo

Designmodo is a big blog for coding and graphic design but also has a great category for UX posts. The types of content they post under UX ranges from Sign up forms, credit card payment forms, wireframing tips, dropdown navigation, microinteractions and much more.

Best UX design blogs - Designmodo

Moreover, they include useful posts for the everyday work of a UX designer, such as useful KPIs to track and how to meet accessibility standards and stay within European GDPR regulations, along with great examples of how to get UX right in web design.

19. Usabilla

Usabilla is a user testing software that’s now owned by Survey Monkey. Their UX design blog is a great bank of practical UX design tips and industry trends. There’s also quite a heavy focus on how UX can be used by businesses to increase their success, with the focus largely being on CX (customer experience).

It’s also noteworthy that Usabilla hosts an annual conference called the Usabilla Global Exchange in which they recognize various companies that listened to and acted on their user testing testing results.

Best UX design blogs - Usabilla

If you’re looking for a UX blog that provides posts about innovation, the feedback economy, or business oriented-UX, this UX blog is definitely worth checking out. You’ll also be treated to news and reports about the latest conferences.

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Start prototyping mobile apps today. Enjoy unlimited projects.

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20. The UX Blog

Aptly-named, The UX Blog is relatively new UX blog created by Nicholas Tenhue that’s quickly gaining popularity. Set up as a place to help his fellow designers discover resources and different design strategies, The UX Blog is a trove of great design resources.

The UX Blog receives much collaboration from other expert designers in the industry, with contributions from various experienced experts in the field of user research, UX design and marketing.

Best UX design blogs - The UX Blog

21. GoodUI

GoodUI makes for a good UI design blog, even if it doesn’t offer the vast amount of material that sme other blogs on this list bring to the table. Both the GoodUI website and the blog make for great reading for newbie designers, covering classic topics that can help people find their footing in UX design. From how to design using data, case studies on big names we all know to guides to key concepts like reading patterns.

GoodUI as UX blog for interface design

This UX blog offers some great insight, especially when it comes to the small stuff. Their posts often touch on topics like analysing how Booking.com changed its checkout form and what effect that had on the user experience. It’s interesting stuff for those of us who wish to get informed about how small changes can have big effects!

22. Evanto Tuts +

Evanto Tuts + is mostly known as a place where newbies can sign up for online courses on a wide range of topics that surround design. With that said, a lot of helpful content can be accessed for free by anyone – which earned it a spot on our list of top UX blogs.

Rather you’re looking for a step-by-step tutorial on specific actions in Photoshop or looking to learn more about wireframing, this blog will have something for you. We particularly enjoy their UX section, which touches on several key topics like wireframe templates, useful plugins, tutorials with the popular tools of the trade and so on, working well as a great UI design blog.

Evanto tuts as a ux blog for online learning

With that said, there’s also another great section that covers more technical development skills – these aren’t a requirement for designers, but these skills are sure to come in handy. Designers looking to boost their skills in JavaScript, CSS or HTML are bound to find very practical tutorials as well as more in-depth material like eBooks.

23. CareerFoundry

Most of us will know CareerFoundry because of its online learning platform. We, here at Justinmind, constantly refer back to it when discussing how people can learn UX design from scratch online – but their UX blog is also worth mentioning.

careerfoundry as ux blog for learning design online

In their UX blog we can find articles that seem to be taken directly from their online courses on design, acting as a great material to have at hand while studying. Topics range from introductions to key concepts like UX strategy or user-centered design, all the way to more advanced topics like task analysis.

Another great point for the CareerFoundry’s UI design blog is that they cover other topics that aren’t strictly UX-design-themed, but still represent good knowledge to any designer. These topics include articles focused on people looking to make a career change into the world of UX – which is a great resource in its own right. Other useful topics covered include things like UI design and web development. Great stuff!

24. Specky Boy

Specky Boy acts as a digital magazine that covers pretty much everything UX-related. As a UX blog, we love that its content is so diversified, helping readers to now just fine-tune their key design skills but to also explore brand new topics and trends.

specky boy as great ux blog for designers

We particularly love that Specky Boy goes beyond the simple and basic concepts in design, but also ventures into more practical and helpful territory. For example, the website has plenty of content specifically aimed at helping designers understand how to create and maintain a viable freelance design business. Overall, Specky Boy makes for a good UI design blog to always keep in mind!

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25. Design Lab

Design Lab is another wonderful online learning platform that doubles as a UX blog. The material offered is varied and covers a lot of ground when it comes to web design as a whole. Among the things about Design Lab that we love, we have the way that categories in the blog are presented in the blog’s homepage. It makes it easy to not just find a specific topic one might be looking for, but to also explore new horizons.

Designers can expect to find both articles that introduce them to basic concepts in the game but also more interesting content, like interviews with people in the business. Indeed, their “Success Stories” category on their UX blog makes for wonderful reading material, especially to people considering entering the industry of design. Seeing how people made it can be both illuminating and quite inspirational.

design lab as a ux blog to read interviews with designers

As an added bonus, designers can look at Design Lab’s blog for step-by-step tutorials that tune practical skills like Photoshop tutorials. But, perhaps the cherry on top of this UX sundae is the free stuff that designers can use in their work, like icon packs and fonts.

Explore our guide on game UI and see how to create your own world of fun!

26. InstantShift

InstantShift is another UX blog worth noting. The design of the blog itself may be simple and no-nonsense, but the content offered is indeed extensive and quite useful to designers. Classic content like articles on radio buttons or user flows can be easily found, but what caught our eye is the variety of topics covered.

instantshift as a ux blog for beginner designers

Overall, we can find articles that cover pretty much everything from coding and CSS to freelancing in design and how to create great portfolios that transmit design skills.

27. Dropbox Design

Dropbox created its own UX design blog using Medium as a platform. Dropbox Design makes for a great blog to have at hand, offering content that touches all relevant topics in the world of UX.

With that said, the type of articles we enjoyed the most all offered insight into how things are done in Dropbox, as opposed to theory of design. This represents a unique angle at certain design issues that Dropbox faced along its path and teaches us how their team managed to prevail over these challenges.

dropbox design as ux blog on medium

It’s great reading material that goes beyond classic topics that can be found in most UX blogs out there! It’s all about real problems that design teams will face in their work, offering real and practical advice on how Dropbox dealt with the problems. Very interesting stuff!

28. Codrops

Codrops is another wonderful UX blog. The range of topics goes from lists of awesome examples that encourage inspiration to more specific tutorials. We love that there’s an entire category dedicated to tutorials, which tend to be short and sweet and cover very specific areas of UX design.

codrops as ux blog with many tutorials

Designers can expect to find tutorials on just about anything, from using light effects in the designs to creating parallax scrolling. It makes for a great source for newbies who want more practical lessons, such as creating hover effects, rather than the theory behind design. Can also be considered a wonderful UI design blog.

29. Scotch.io

Scotch.io is a great UX blog, but unlike some others on this list, it has a very defined topic. Ultimately, this blog is made for ux designers that love their coding and development skills. It’s true that not all designers pick up on coding skills, as it’s not a requirement for the profession.

scotch.io as ux blog and collective to read

With that said, those who do wish to tune their technical skills can definitely look to Scotch.io for cool reading material. Covering key topics like CSS and JavaScript, this UX blog offers in-depth guides to the pillar skills of any developer. Best suited for beginners or to designers looking to make the jump into development, this one is definitely worth checking out!

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30. Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot is one of those UX blogs that looks and feels very much like a classic magazine. The blog offers extensive content that covers pretty much everything related to web design, from psychology in design to how to track user actions.

web designer depot as one of the best ux blogs

We love that designers of all backgrounds will ultimately find something of interest here. Not just the practical and theoretical side of UX, but also topics regarding usability and even SEO for design teams. It’s a one-stop-shop for anything in the world of UX design, making it a strong UX blog that all of us should bookmark.

31. One Extra Pixel

One Extra Pixel is another example of a UX blog that covers a lot of ground. An interesting thing about this blog is that it offers a lot of practical and theoretical information when it comes to UX design, but it goes beyond that too – it goes into UI design blog territory.

one extra pixel as a wonderful ux blog

Designers can expect to find classic topics such as typography and the best Google fonts for new designs, but also things that expand their horizons. Things like how to design to instill trust and many articles covering CSS are all readily available and easy to find in this UX blog. Even better than that, the blog has a category that is made up entirely of free stuff for designers, from icons to background images.

32. Airbnb Design

Airbnb Design is like a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of UX design at Airbnb. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the brand that created its own font – cereal – created an entire blog about their take on web design.

airbnb design as a ux blog to learn about branding

In this UX blog, we can find case studies in people who left their mark in the industry, many interviews with people in Aribnb’s design team and so on. We love that the content they create isn’t anything like the cookie-cutter topics we see all over this list. In this UX blog, it’s all about pushing the boundaries of design, creating products for changing user needs and getting to know how Aribnb deals with design issues. We love it!

33. Line 25

Line 25 is a UX design blog that also offers a lot of different topics that are all of interest to the design community. Readers can expect to find classics, such as practical design tips and the theory behind wireframing as well as plenty of content about coding.

line 25 as ux blog for the design community

The interesting thing about this UX blog is that it focuses a lot of its content on design articles for people who work with WordPress. As one of the most widely used platforms in the world, designing and implementing things on WordPress is golden knowledge that is bound to come in handy for any designer out there. WordPress-related topics include things like templates, plugins and entire themes. As a bonus, there’s also a category for freebies!

34. Abduzeedo

Abduzeedo makes for an interesting UX blog. The blog itself offers a lot of content that touches several different aspects of UX design, from typography to illustrations. The thing we like the most about this blog, though, is the tutorials section.

abduzeedo as ux blog filled with practical tutorials

The tutorials mostly focus on graphic design as a pillar for great UX design. Readers can expect tutorials on things like creating the perfect gradient on Photoshop or logo animation in after effects. They’re practical and to-the-point, offering helpful articles to designers who want to fine-tune their graphic design skills, working as a wonderful UI design blog.

35. Vanderley Design

Last but not least, we have Vanderley Design. This UX blog offers a huge amount of inspirational content, with endless lists of websites and other UX products that innovate and deliver a great experience. Aside from that, designers can also expect other topics that while not central, do add value for designers such as blogging, SEO and photography.

venderley design as ux blog for design community

Mostly, however, designers can expect lots of content that focuses on WordPress. With articles on how to design and implement things on WordPress, this UX blog can be truly helpful for designers working with the well-known platform. As a bonus, we also have entire categories dedicated to different types of themes for WordPress, from corporate blogs to the perfect themes for design portfolios.

Final Thoughts on UX-UI blogs

Depending on how long you’ve been in the field, you may find some UX design blogs more useful and inspiring than others. The same goes for UI design blogs.

However, what you must never lose sight of is the fact that UX design is a rapidly developing field. Furthermore, with the diverse range of possible users, no one project will be the same as the next.

When choosing the best blogs to follow, you might want to consider the following points:

  • What’s the nature of your job: in-house designer, freelancer, or agency?
  • What’s the nature of your design work? Ecommerce? Gaming?
  • What types of products do you normally design? Websites? Apps?
  • How do you like to consume content?

We hope you’ll find entertainment, inspiration and helpful tips from this list and wish you luck on your UX journey!

Joseph Downs
In-house UX copy-slinger, foodie and classic motoring enthusiast