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The 7 best user testing, user research and usability testing tools to help you along with your prototyping process.

The 7 best user testing, user research and usability testing tools to help you along with your prototyping process

Knowing how real users use the system that you’re design will help you when you eventually bring your product or service to market. What’s more, user testing at the prototyping stage of the software development life cycle can help to avoid problems or bottle-necks in the software development process. But with so many user testing, user research and usability testing tools out there, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Read on for a list of the best and brightest tools currently available to you.

It’s worth noting that Justinmind is fully integrated with a whole host of different usability testing tools so you can get immediate user feedback and iterate until your product is perfect.


UserZoom is a flexible and mature remote usability testing and UX research platform that includes a multitude of advanced user testing and research features and tools, including remote unmoderated testing on PCs and mobile devices.


  • As a leader in usability testing, UserZoom provides you with quantative as well as qualitive data, great for uncovering trends as well as synthesizing and analyzing post test data.
  • It offers the standard screen visuals and recordings and audio feedback, but also includes a video feature that allows you to observe your users’ facial expressions via webcam.
  • This is a good choice of tools for those of you who are out to test multiple aspects of your product but are bound by time constraints. UserZoom also provides its customers with excellent quality controls to weed out users who are misusing tests etc.
  • The support system at UserZoom is impressive, comprising of researchers who can help with coding and also provide research support.
  • Can be used before your website/app goes live.
  • Integrated with your Justinmind prototyping tool! You can test your prototypes directly using this tool.


  • UserZoom is comparatively pricey, and the webcam feature is available exclusively to higher paid plans.
  • Steep learning curve.

Cost: Pricing with UserZoom varies from customer to customer, based on specific needs. Annual licenses include training and support hours to ensure customer success and start at $25,000/yr. More info on this here.


Having been around since 2008, user experience research platform UserTesting is one of the more well-known tools in this list.

Image Credit: UserTesting


  • Offering longitudinal studies, UserTesting is unique in that it allows the user to select the user tester demographic as well as the specific portions of your website that you actually want to test.
  • The design of the tests makes it easy for users to follow, as well as jump to specific problem areas in the recording of the test.
  • Can be used before your website/app goes live.
  • The tool offers pre-screened and internally sourced participants, but practitioners can also invite their own testers to use the tool.
  • PRO plans include dedicated project management teams for support.
  • Integrated with your Justinmind prototyping tool!


  • UserTesting offers compensation to testers, therefore it is important to provide non-biased tasks so ensure the quality of test results.

Cost: User research for individuals: $99 per video (Intro offer: $49 per video for your first 10 videos). PRO Subscription plans designed for teams are also offered, and pricing depends on how the plan is customized.

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Fairly new to the user testing scene, Validately is a user research and usability testing platform that offers both self-moderated and moderated tests.


  • You create a test using your prototype – desktop or mobile.
  • Define a set of tasks, and ask questions after tasks and at the conclusion of the test.
  • Use Validately’s panel or testers or send the test link to your own testers.
  • Communicate with your testers in real time.
  • Get responses for unmoderated tests within an hour, or request moderated testers on demand.
  • Integrated with your Justinmind prototyping tool!

Cost: $39/month (1 test); $79/month (3 concurrent tests); $199/month (10 concurrent tests); custom enterprise plans available.


Loop11 is an online user testing and survey tool that lets you run your own usability studies without the need for a usability lab, specialized equipment or moderator. The practitioner determines the tasks they want to test on their website, recruits participants and launches the study.

Image Credit: Loop11


  • Easy to set up and get going with.
  • No code, no nonsense.
  • Provides real time information, great in situations where you need quick results.
  • URL-based sharing and publishing structure means you can analyze your competitors’ sites as well as your own.
  • Integrated with your Justinmind prototyping tool! 


  • Users have to install an app on their phone to do the test, which can put some people off

Cost: $199/month or $149/month when you pay annually.


UsabilityHub is an online usability testing platform designed to capture user feedback through a variety of tests.


  • Great if you’re on a budget and/or are new to user testing. A good tool to get up and running with and you don’t have to pay for the responses you receive for users you’ve recruited (responses from platform are between $0.40 and $3).
  • There are 5 different testing options to choose from, including the standard task-based test as well as the navigation flow test, the preference test, the five-second impressions test and a click test.


  • Some argue that the tool oversimplifies the user testing process.

Cost: Individual test pricing varies; $99/month for Pro.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a heat map software designed to help you understand your users better: why visitors are leaving your website, how users click and scroll through your content, where they’re coming from to begin with, and who clicks on what the most.

Image Credit: Crazy Egg


  • Easy to use and integrate with your design tools, including Justinmind prototyping tool.
  • Good tool to compliment quick prototyping, rapidly measuring user interactions with static content of your website.
  • Site clicks are sliced into search terms and referral sources.
  • The visual aspect of the heat map makes analysis and observations of results quick and easy to interpret.


  • Has shown inaccuracies in tracking interactions with dynamic, interactive webpages.
  • UI could be more user-friendly.

Cost: $108/year


Userlytics provides remote unmoderated usability testing for both desktop and mobile.


  • Low cost


  • Many different types of payment plans.
  • Limits to the number of post-test questions that can be asked based on the plan.

Cost: From $49 per participant.


Well that’s our list done! Take some time to figure out which user testing tool could be your perfect fit. And remember, you can integrate your Justinmind prototypes with most of these tools and get immediate user feedback!

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