Turn a PSD into a high-fidelity interactive mockup with Justinmind

April 04, 2019
Create interactive PSD mockups with Justinmind

With the Justinmind-Photoshop integration, Photoshop veterans can enjoy unprecedented control over their PSD mockup designs

Photoshop is a powerful tool. Many designers use it to create interfaces and images to use in websites and apps.

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However, bridging the gap between PSD files and interactive PSD mockups for website and mobile app design is no easy task. Thankfully, Justinmind solves a lot of problems associated with creating PSD mockups. Combining Photoshop with our powerful mockup tool is a recipe for success.

Create interactive PSD mockups with the Justinmind-Photoshop integration

Flawless design process

Highly interactive mockups

Bring your PSD mockups to life by not just making them clickable, but by adding real interactive features, such as mouse-over gestures, swipes, page scrolling, funky transitions and much more. Just right click on an element and go to Add Event to link it to another page, or make it explode on mouse-over! Creating an interactive PSD mockup has never been easier.

Add gestures to make your PSD mockups interactive

Better design system

Justinmind lets you easily implement and maintain a design system in your PSD mockups. No more wrestling with the perennial question of “do I upload assets to the Creative Cloud while designing my PSD mockup in Photoshop, or do I create my asset library in the mockup tool?” Not only does Justinmind let you import your PSD files in one click, it also lets you manipulate the different layers from your PSD file, instead of just working with a whole image – which we’ll explain in more detail below.

Enhanced collaboration

Lastly, the Justinmind-Photoshop duo can be the one-two punch you’re looking for to boost collaboration when creating your PSD mockups. This is because Justinmind serves as a midway point between designers and non-creatives – people who may not use Photoshop – such as developers, product managers, clients and stakeholders by letting them review and interact with your PSD mockup.

Enhanced collaboration - one of the benefits of creating PSD mockups in Justinmind

Of course, when combining Photoshop with Justinmind, your PSD mockups are coded automatically, saving you time and money. And when it comes to developer handoff, Justinmind provides you with some neat deliverables to help developers bring your PSD mockup to life.  Get style guides and specs for your PSD files in an instant – no need to use handoff clients to translate your PSDs to the appropriate markup code in order to get a PSD mockup.

Why it’s great for designers

Photoshop is a powerful tool and most designers have logged many hours of experience with it. As a designer, it provides you with a blank canvas and unlimited possibility for your PSD mockups.

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In addition to allowing you to work with a design tool that you’re familiar with, Justinmind – which integrates seamlessly with Photoshop – brings more power to you when converting your design into a PSD mockup.

The integration allows you to create the important visual elements of your mockup created in Photoshop and export them to the Justinmind mockup tool. Unlike other tools, Justinmind then goes the extra mile by enabling you to turn the various layers of your design, such as text, shapes and images into elements that you can move around, or edit in your PSD mockup.

That’s right. This means that you can create your own brand-specific widget library with your unique Photoshop-customized assets to use in your PSD mockup.

Make brand-specific widgets for your interactive PSD mockups in Justinmind

All you need to do then is export them over to Justinmind to give you more control over the design system you want to implement. The best part? You can reuse them in subsequent PSD mockups if you wish, saving duplicated efforts in the future.

To export PSD files from Photoshop to Justinmind, you just need to download the script and unzip it. Then in Photoshop, go to File > Scripts > Browse and find the “psd_to_justinmind.jsx” file in the location you saved it to. Then you’re nearly done! Load the script, and it will convert your PSD file to a Justinmind Prototyper File and save it in the location you choose – it’s simple and only takes a few seconds! For more detail on how to create PSD mockups with Justinmind, see our tutorial.

When you import your Photoshop files, you’ll also have the option to mix and match them in your PSD mockups with the exhaustive, up-to-date library of UI kits available in Justinmind, such as iOS, Material Design 2.0, Bootstrap and many more.

Build your elements up into templates and pages as you go, apply the necessary structural elements, such as maps, and links and interactions, and your high-fidelity interactive PSD mockup will be ready in the time it takes to say “Photoshop”. Afterward, hit Simulate to see your mockup in all its glory; you’ll be able to test the user flow, as well as the interactive features you added.

Did we mention that Justinmind makes Photoshop users feel at home? Justinmind’s interface has a similar layout, an example being that the Outlines panel mimics Photoshop’s Layers panel. For designers, moving to Justinmind from Photoshop is child’s play.

Enjoy a familiar layout when creating PSD mockups in Justinmind

Foolproof your PSD mockups using design systems

The justinmind-Photoshop integration makes it very easy to implement a design system when creating your PSD mockups. According to Audrey Hacq in her post Everything you need to know about Design Systems, they are becoming an increasingly important aspect of a designer’s everyday work.

A design system is essentially a collection of tangible elements: widgets, fonts, colors and templates – but also includes more abstract aspects like best practices, guidelines and philosophies.

“A Design System...the single source of truth which groups all the elements that will allow teams to design [and] develop a product.”

									Audrey Hacq - UX Collective								

More and more design and development teams are adopting a design system as they help maintain consistency throughout a mockup and to ensure its design remains brand-specific throughout.

Create your PSD mockups using a design system in Justinmind

In addition to helping maintain consistency across all pages of a mockup, a design system enures both design and development teams avoid duplicated efforts by creating libraries of reusable and scalable assets – in this case – elements, widgets and even full screen templates.

Templates and screens are a superb way of getting clients and stakeholders onboard with the layout of your PSD mockup. This is because they are generally more interested in the bigger picture and tend to focus less on the nitty gritty of elements, components and widgets.

Increased efficiency and enhanced PSD mockups

We’ve established that having a design system is crucial for creating a coherent, functional and scalable PSD mockup design, in addition to getting client feedback.

The integration between Justinmind and Photoshop makes it easier to incorporate a design system into your PSD mockup precisely because it helps you break images down into layers, like small particles. This helps you to adapt them to different styles and layouts, before building out your PSD mockup as efficiently as possible.

Create your own styles and layouts for your PSD mockup in Justinmind

Creating templates allows you to convey a lot of useful information regarding the layouts of different pages of your PSD mockup. They are usually the missing link when solely using Photoshop as it is a static environment, rendering design with dynamic data impossible.

Boost collaboration across teams

Lastly, in addition to empowering designers by allowing them to unleash their full potential, creating PSD mockups in Justinmind also aids cross-collaboration among teams.

As we said before, Justinmind can act as a medium or midway point between designers, developers and stakeholders. Not only can designers adapt easily to our mockup tool, but it is also a place for users of other backgrounds to interact with the PSD mockup.

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Justinmind is designed for collaboration; UX designers, developers, clients and stakeholders can work alongside designers in Justinmind while editing and testing your PSD mockup. Multiple users at a time are free to leave feedback in the form of comments and suggestions in real time, in addition to adding structure and interaction to a PSD mockup.

Better cross-team collaboration when you create your PSD mockups in Justinmind

But that’s not all. Your PSD Mockups can also be shared online, allowing non-Justinmind users to test your design by simulation, and to leave feedback and reviews. This is an excellent feature for getting feedback from clients who don’t have a Justinmind account and getting opinions from test users.

A further bonus of combining Photoshop with Justinmind is the fact you can export both SVG and PNG files to your PSD mockup. Working with SVG images in Justinmind makes it easier to tweak and fine-tune your PSD mockup as SVG files are fully responsive, and adapt well to multiple different screen sizes and resolutions.

Export scalable vector images for your PSD mockup in Justinmind

Another way that Justinmind makes collaboration a breeze is by guaranteeing the hand-off of your PSD mockup to developers will be a piece of cake. Export your PSD mockup in the form HTML markup and CSS style sheets, along with specifications for SVG and PGN files, all neatly packed into an easily digestible style guide, making it easier to bring your PSD mockup to life.

Enhanced designer-developer hand-off when you create your PSD mockup in Justinmind

The wrap up

In short, what you get are two powerful design tools that come together to bring you the best of both worlds: boundless creativity along with infinite mockup design potential. Like Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, or Starsky and Hutch – there is endless potential in working together.

So what are you waiting for? Turbocharge your mockup designs today with PSD mockups in Justinmind!

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