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Now Justinmind Prototyper is FREE!

Here you have it, this is our present:  A new version of Justinmind Prototyper is now available FOR FREE.

Aimed to all of you that make every penny count, but still need the right tool to engage with your client, Justinmind has launched a free version of its Prototyper. And we are not talking about a limited time trial; we are talking about free, forever.

For start-ups or/and freelancers or for all of you that deal with small projects, Prototyper Free offers you the opportunity to appraise, when you are at the initial stages of the creative process,  how your project is going to work at the end.  There is no need for coding, therefore, any client´s requests/changes are made easily and quickly, meaning that besides saving you money at the end it would also save you time (time=lots of money).

Now, if you still want to go the extra mile with your project, there is always the option of getting Usernote. Yes, even if you use the free version of PrototyperUsernote will still be available to you.  Our goal is to offer the software to a wider range of users, from big corporations to freelancers and in between. Professional or Free, each version is suited to fulfill your specific needs and your client´s requirements.  We invite you to use it and encourage you to give us feedback.

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