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New version of Justinmind 5.5 now available: the ultimate prototyping tool for mobile and web apps. Includes responsive design, shapes, emulators of iPhone, iPad and other devices, rotation and many more things.

Several months passed since the last update and we’ve been really busy in Justinmind’s office. What for? Well, we put ourselves two massive challenges in front of us: fumigate Prototyper until it’s free of bugs and make the best prototyping tool for mobile applications ever. We believe we’ve accomplished both. Welcome to…

Justinmind 5.5 (Prototyper+Usernote)

This is the entire list of features and bug fixes included in this update:

Responsive and adaptive design simulationEmulators for iPhone, iPad and a custom emulator for any other device

New widgets: Triangle, Ellipse, Callout and arrow. They turn into vectorial graphics in simulation

Rotate texts, shapes and images, even from events

Redesign of the Events tab now allows to copy and paste all the events from one widget to another

Link images with image files in the file system. So any time the image file changes, the one in Prototyper is updated automatically

A new wizard dialog to configure the type of prototype you’re about to make

Several ways to start a prototype from: empty, image files, example or another vp file

The input select list splits into two widgets: select list (which is simulated as a native select list) and custom select list

Option ‘Unlock all’ for prototypes in teamwork

Now Prototyper supports multiple Usernote accounts

Prototyper supports Retina displays in version for Mac

Multi-device simulation

Keyboard shortcuts in contextual menus

A consolidated Image menu and toolbar with new options: flip horizontally/vertically

Smoother rounded borders and gradients in simulation

Create a public link option in Usernote

Reviewers can set their full name before reviewing a prototype

A link to a mobile prototype adapts to the type of display: if computer, an emulator is displayed, if a mobile or tablet, the prototype adapts itself to the device

The tutorials section of the web site now is full of new and renewed tutorials

Masters let events to go through them. Also, all these bugs in Masters have been fixed:

Easier to set the values of a selection input

Multiselection options in contextual menu

Error messages in events dialog more understandable

Events dialog keeps the size of the last time it was opened

Cmd + and cmd – keyboard shortcuts for zooming in version for Mac

Scroll + gestures now work

Plugins now work also in version for Mac

All also, all these bugs reported by users in our community support portal:
Version for Mac crashed when you close it to quickly and never run again. This has been fixed.

Wow! You really got this far reading? Good for you!

As you see we’ve been quite busy. But we’d love to hear your thoughts about these changes. So, give Justinmind 5.5 a try and tell us!

Victor is the Product Manager at Justinmind. His specialties include business analysis, usability, requirements management and prototyping. When not busy doing that he is known to eat or sleep.