10 awesome app wireframe templates for inspiration

app wireframe template list

Sometimes, the first step is the hardest. That's why we got 10 beautiful app wireframe templates to get your creative juices flowing!

Wireframing your app is a crucial step in the process of bringing your product to life. This stage is all about getting the basics down, making sure you have a sound structure before you invest more time in building on it. But even though you’re not diving into the tiny details of the design, app wireframing can require some time and dedication – not to mention, quite a bit of planning.

Creating beautiful app wireframes has never been so easy
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Happily, there are ways to speed up the process and to allocate your time and effort into key areas so you can get your app wireframe down in a fraction of the time. You will need, of course, the right tools – and we don’t mean just a great wireframing tool. Sometimes, templates play a big role in helping the team make the most of their time. Efficiency is a virtue in any process.

App wireframe templates for awesome UI

The truly cool thing about app wireframe templates is that there are two positive ways that an app wireframe template can help your project.

Firstly, you can use the template as a building block, and simply adapt it to your ideas and needs. Secondly, you can surf through several templates and use them as a source of ideas and inspiration. Let’s check out some awesome wireframes!

01. Workspaces Finder App wireframe template by Kishore

Kishore‘s app wireframe template has a wonderful structure. The screen to the left works as a list of search results that offers some filters to the user, while the screen to the right presents further information on one result specifically.

app wireframe template of workspace finder

We love this work because it’s so easily adaptable to other concepts. Many apps out there work in a similar fashion where users search for something, see a list of results and then navigate their way to the product page that seems to best suit their needs.

2. Finance app wireframe template by Priscilla Wong

Finance can be a complex subject. It’s no wonder so many of us struggle to get all the details of our finances in order – and explains why we have so many great personal finance tools out there.

app wireframe by priscilla wong

Priscilla Wong‘s app wireframe template works well in the sense that it gives users a lot of information in a small space. The dashboard design offers an overview of the user’s finances in a snapshot – and even though it has plenty of information, it never feels like too much.

3. App wireframe and Userflow by Rohit Bind

Rohit Bind‘s app wireframe template is all about white space and clean lines. It’s true that the look may change rather drastically once the visuals are included, but the feel of the app should remain the same.

app wireframe with userflow

In this wonderful app wireframe template we can fully appreciate the thought behind the navigation design. Users can easily navigate their way around, in what can only be described as UX smooth sailing.

4.Low-fi to High-fi by Heavyweight

What we love the most about this app wireframe template is that the design studio behind it, Heavyweight, took the time to show the difference between the fidelity stages. Specifically, the fact that they don’t look exactly the same – from the low-fi to the high-fi wireframe, we can appreciate some changes in structure.

high and low fi app wireframe template

This is a prime example of why you want to wireframe your apps and why you must take great care while doing it – if you need to change things, you want to make those changes now. In Heavyweights‘ own words: “This way we can make quick changes- without sweating the details.”

5. Digital Micro-loan Concept by Tanzir

Tanzir‘s app wireframe template is simple and yet works beautifully to set the stage of the tool. Planned as a tool for small loans, this wireframe doesn’t include many details but it doesn’t need to.

app wireframe template for loan concept

As it is, we can appreciate the spacing and placement of each component, and get a feel of what the app will be like in the future. A good example of the spacing and placement is the two buttons on the right screen: the primary button is not only largest, but is also far enough from the secondary button that user’s wouldn’t be able to press the wrong control input.

6. Slick App by Matteo Della Chiesa

Another great concept for an app wireframe. We love how Matteo made good use of the space on the screen to the left, even though it’s a dashboard-type of screen.

app wireframe template by matteo della chiesa

Another awesome detail about this app wireframe template is the shadow under the camera button on the screen to the right. It gives us a sense of depth, as if by pressing the control input we could be actually pressing down on a physical button.

7. Health app wireframe template by Son Min

Designer Son Min created an app wireframe that tells us plenty without focusing on the small details. We love that he managed to get so much information on the screen, without it ever feeling overwhelming!

app wireframe template by son min

8. Onboarding for Anarock app by Arun Pattnaik

Arun Pattnaik‘s is an interesting concept for an app wireframe template – it’s about the onboarding of new users as opposed to other more central screens of the product. It’s particularly interesting that all 3 screens feel clean in a minimalist fashion, while still delivering great visuals.

app wireframe template for onboarding

We like the second screen particularly as it seems to give the user the power to customize the app they way they see fit. Always a great touch!

9. Furniture App wireframe template by Naresh Bingi

Naresh Bingi‘s app wireframe template depicts a single product page, and it excels at putting the right things in focus. Naresh accounted for a central image of the piece of furniture that would spin at the command of users – which is a great way of keeping them engaged.

app wireframe template product page of furniture

Aside from the fun spinning factor, it’s worth noting that the design feels spacious and clean. No unnecessary elements, but rather a sole focus on the product at hand. Wonderfully minimalist!

10. Sports App Concept by Kishore

It’s not often you find a design that fits the definition of a wireframe that is also fun and colorful! That’s what Kishore did with this app wireframe template. It delivers the overview of basic structure and information architecture, but still leaves the details to be filled in at a later time.

sports app wireframe template

The wrap up

Having the right starting point can make a world of difference in a creative process. It’s common among designers to feel that the first step of getting the ideas down is the toughest – that’s why an app wireframe template is important. It can help you understand what structure would work well with your ideas, or how you can make the most of the screen space.

These app wireframe templates are all wonderful sources of ideas on navigation, components placement and style. You can use them as a reference, or simply enjoy the look of a well designed wireframe for many different apps out there. Once you’re done enjoying their look though, it will be time to get wireframing those apps!

Rebeca Costa
In-house writer, usability enthusiast and patron of all sleep-deprived designers