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With Justinmind you can build interactive wireframes for mobile and web, free. Unlimited prototypes, unlimited screens – what’s not to love?!

The free edition of the wireframing tool is not just a trial, it’s free forever. Our free edition is aimed especially at startups or freelancers who deal with small projects and will still find in Justinmind a great free wireframing tool.

With Justinmind Free you will be able to engage with your audience, and to see and show a hi-fi simulation of your project before getting down to coding. Even better, before getting the FREE forever edition you can enjoy our 30-day free full-feature trial and all the great stuff that comes with it.

Let’s have a more indepth look at Justinmind FREE features.

A free wireframing tool for your app and web prototypes

 hi-fi simulation on multiple devices    Unlimited Prototypes and Hi-fi Simulation

No matter if you have a PRO or FREE edition, you can still build as many prototypes and screens as you want, without limits. You can also simulate them with the internal simulator, which allows you to preview the complete experience as in a real device. The simulator is a handy tool in meetings to present web and app wireframes and prototypes to clients and stakeholders. And you can simulate also prototypes created with a PRO account.

Pre-loaded widget libraries for your wireframes   Pre-loaded Widget libraries

Widgets are components that can be used to create unique a UI aesthetic and boost functionality. You can use all the pre-loaded interactive widgets for the web and for mobile devices in Justinmind. i.e. widgets for iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android phone and tablet, Google Glass (and more coming soon). To make it easier for you to access the necessary widgets, you can select the desired libraries from the ‘add/remove libraries’ menu option and only have the ones you need for your project at hand.

Basic interactions for your web and app wireframes  Basic interactions: Links

You can build Links between screens, which can be done simply dragging the component that acts as a trigger (for instance, a button) to the next location in the screens panel. We don’t put a limit on the number of screens or link interactions in our free version, so you and your team can really get a feel for the real thing.

Drag & Drop Wireframe Creation  Drag & Drop Wireframe Creation

In Justinmind, you can do everything through drag-and-drop, from drawing components to links and interactions. You will learn to appreciate the immediacy and explicitness of Justinmind, which will allow you to create something real and clickable very quickly.

Images in motion with clickable regions  Images in motion with clickable regions

You will be able to include images in your wireframe and create clickable regions with the hotspot tool. More design freedom, and free!

Start your free prototyping journey today


A powerful collaborative prototyping tool

So far so good, the free wireframing tool has got enough features to handle small projects. But what about bigger projects that involve more than a couple of people and that require a major involvement at the prototyping stage? Here comes the PRO edition, which is a far more powerful tool. What does the PRO edition include? Let’s have a look at its main features.

Cloud collaboration, share and gather feedback, teamwork  Cloud collaboration, teamwork

One of the major advantages of the PRO edition is represented by its cloud services, which allow you to work simultaneously at your web and app wireframes and prototypes with your team, all in the cloud (or on your own servers with Justinmind Enterprise). You can read more about all the sharing and collaboration features in Justinmind here.

publish-online-feedback-justinmind  Share and gather feedback

Once your team and you will have the web or app prototype ready, Justinmind lets youpublish it on the online platform, where all your projects will be listed, and from where you will be able to share them, as well asgather and manage feedback

Export to: interactive HTML, Documents and Images  Export to: interactive HTML, Documents and Images

You can export your app and web wireframe to documents, images, and interactive HTML. Exporting it to HTML will allow you to open your project in any Internet browser and distribute it to an unlimited number of key users: they will then be able to execute it and test it. You can also export all of the information of the app or web wireframe in a specification document to integrate it into the different documentation processes of an organization or, simply, to have a document that can be signed. Finally, you can export any design made in Justinmind (Screens, Templates, Masters or Scenarios) as image files and, for instance, include them into documents or Powerpoint or Keynote slide presentations.

Create/Import your own widgets and share them with the team  Import and create your own widgets 

Apart from taking advantage of the pre-loaded widget libraries, you can create new ones as well as download any existing library and import itin your Justinmind, using the Add/Remove libraries menu option. The widgets will be listed in the My Libraries tab.

 Advanced Web Interactions and Gestures; Transition effects.  Advanced Web Interactions and Gestures; Transition effects

With Justinmind Pro you can define many different interactions using the Events tab. You will find a complete list here. You can also add gestures, i.e. those actions that the user has to do on your app (tapping with a finger, swiping on one section of your screen, etc.) to trigger an action. Finally, you can add a transition effect to any link you have in your app or web wireframes.

Conditions and Business Logic  Conditional Navigation and Business Logic

Justinmind Pro allows you to add conditions to events so that they only run at certain times of the simulation.

Variables. Forms and datagrids simulation  Variables. Forms and datagrids simulation

The variables can be used with conditions and allow you to share data between different screens. You can use them to build data driven prototypes too. Justinmind also lets you build data lists and data masters, and populate them with real data coming from an existing database.


Justinmind FREE vs Justinmind PRO

After this analysis, we hope you have a better idea of what you need for your project, so you can decide better which version is good for you.

Justinmind as a free wireframing tool is still a good option for small projects, but with Justinmind PRO you get what you pay for, i.e. a lot more features that will help you build fully interactive web and app wireframes, and easily share them with your audience.

And if the PRO edition still isn’t enough for you, you can check out Justinmind Enterprise!

Daniela is Content Editor at Justinmind


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  • Hello guyz,

    I think this is worth it. I just downloaded JIM and I’m going to try it. I was desperately in need of a wire-framing tools like this.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Hello,

    just installed justinmind and now testing. So far looks great.

    I wonder, is it possible to use “view on device” with the free version (after the trial expires)?

    What about share and publish? As far as I understand “share” is the way for the prototype to appear in the mobile app, right?


  • Hello and Hye.

    I have some question, if we buy justinmind in pro edition, is it possible to view and test our prototype in mobile device through offline based without internet connection.

    • Hello! You’ll need to download your prototypes in Justinmind mobile app first, with an internet connection. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to see them offline without problems.

  • Hi, I need some help about my accont. I use my android phone to simulate direct in the justinmind app, but my account return to free edition. My question is, in the free edition I still having mobile simulation? if the answer is no, everything is clear for me, but otherwise, I wantto know the problem… Greetings

    • Hi Kimy, unfortunately you can’t simulate with the free version. For more information on the differences between Justinmind free, pro and enterprise have a look at this post: justinmind.com/blog/justinmind-pro-versus-enterprise-which-is-right-for-you-your-prototyping-needs/ Hope this helps!

  • Hi,
    i am using free version validity of 30 days. What would happen after the free version expire. Would i lose my prototype pages if i not buy the pro version. plz reply soon.

    • Hi Rakat, All of your prototypes saved locally on your computer will still be accessible. But any prototypes you shared to our online server will be deleted 10 days after your trial expires. Make sure to download anything uploaded there that is not stored locally on your computer.