Where to get free website icons: top 30 sites

July 25, 2019
Free website icons to download for your next web design

Not sure where to look for the best free website icons? Your search ends here! Read on for a list of the best places for free web icons you can download today.

Using the right icons is paramount to intuitive website design and great usability. Icons have the ability to really affect your users experience, for better or for worse. They can provide your users with a fun and engaging experience, or make them feel like they’re navigating the Bermuda Triangle.

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To throw another spanner in the works, the sheer variety of website offering free website icons to download can really have you at a loss for the best option. Sometimes being spoilt for choice feels nice – other times it’s downright frustrating for people on a busy schedule.

Then you’ve got the myriad of file formats available. The big question here is, which is right for you? The most common formats on offer are PNG and SVG. Many are also available in snippets of HTML code. PNGs are basically rasterized images and unless they happen to be the right size for the project at hand, you’ll lose quality when resizing them. SVGs tend to hit the sweet spot as they are fully scalable, leaving you free to adjust size as needed in your favorite prototyping tool.

All these choices and file formats are enough to give you an iconic headache when thinking about the right icons you need for your next website prototype. That’s why we’ve rounded up 30 of the best places to quickly download a set of scalable, free website icons for your next design, so you can get back to the bigger picture.

Streamline Icons

Just landing on this website’s homepage instills you with the confidence that these guys know what they’re doing when it comes to free website icons.

You’ll find that the icons on Streamline Icons come in three different types or “weights”. The difference between their light, regular and bold icons is marked, with the lighter being more geometric and minimalist in contrast to the bold glyph icons that are more reminiscent of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

Free website icons to download - Streamline icons

You can download the icons on this site in packs in SVG, PNG or PSD format and there are at least 10,500 varieties of icons in three different weights, divided into 53 categories. You’re sure to find what you need here!

Downloadable format: SVG, PNG and PSD

Flat Icon

Flat Icon, as the name suggests, is a great location to stop off for endless lists of free flat icons. With about 60 categories on offer and thousands of free website icons to download in each, we say you can’t go wrong.

Free website icons to download - Flaticon

With each category, you can filter the color between monochrome and multicolor. You can also edit their color any way you want after downloading them. You can download each of the free website icons in SVG and PNG.

If you’re looking for the perfect selection of flat icons for your website, even if it’s targeting a niche market, Flat Icon should have you covered.

Downloadable format: SVG and PNG


Iconfinder have over 17,200 free website icons waiting for you to download. The best part? They’re all vectors, meaning you just need to download and scale them to suit your website interface design.

Free website icons to download - Iconfinder

An extra cool feature of this website is their free image editor that lets you re-size, recolor and even re-draw each image to your liking before downloading as an SVG – nice touch!

Downloadable format: SVG


Vecteezy comes with a myriad of different free website icons to download individually as SVGs. Equally appealing is the number of different styles on offer such as monocolor and multicolor, monochrome and duochrome, flat icons and glyphs.

Free website icons to download - Vecteezy

There are free website icons for every occasion on this website, whether you’re searching for fun, colorful and trendy icons or something more functional or serious, this website’s got you sorted. Just make sure you provide attribution if you’re downloading for free!

Downloadable format: SVG

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Icofont boasts an attractive range of categories for free website icons, each one color-coded to distinguish between the categories. Each category is minimalist in design and monocolor, yet still classy and slightly more detailed than the average glyph.

Free website icons to download - Icofont

Among the categories available are Web application, Brand, Directional (for navigation), Social, Medical, Weather, Sport, Travel, Education and many more. You can download each icon as a separate SVG file or as markup code.

Downloadable format: SVG and HTML


You could consider Iconstore as an outlet of free website icons. This website hosts a collection of some of the finest free web icons around.

You can find free website vector icons for a plethora of different uses, whether for fun, such as a social or gaming website, or more serious websites such as those for banking or real estate.

Free website icons to download - Iconstore

You’ll find that not all of the free website icons on this site are downloadable in the same file format, however. Some are available in sets of SVGs, while others are downloadable only JPG or PNG files that you can modify in Photoshop.

Downloadable format: SVG, PNG and PNG


Boxicons gives you access to 1,066 free website icons in SVG format, all downloadable in a second as a complete package or individually. These simple, flat icons and glyphs contain both functional and fun elements, each one in a regular geometric design or bold, glyph format.

Free website icons to download - Boxicons

You can get free web icons for any type of category imaginable, such as finance, e-commerce, logos, brands, emojis, as well as functional icons like accessibility and utility.

Downloadable format: SVG


On Linearicons you can avail of a free website icons pack with up to 170 vector images. This site is great if you’re looking for simple, flat and geometric free web page icons that do the job. You’ll find favicons, functional and navigational icons, text editing and media control icons.

Free website icons to download - Linearicons

In addition to the pack of SVGs, they also make the relevant HTML code available to you by simply clicking on each free web icon.

Downloadable format: SVG and HTML


The icons you can find on Tilda are simple, minimalist and perfect for any kind of website and almost any situation. Unfilled and geometric in design, most of these icons are in 2D, with some in 3D, depending on the category, which brings us on to one of the most appealing aspects of this website – there an astonishing 43 categories on offer!

Free website icons to download - Tilda

Each of these categories totals 700 free website icons. While this isn’t the largest selection on the list, the fact that everything has been clearly marked in a category means that everything isn’t jumbled together, saving you time when searching for your free web page icons.

You’ll find free website vector icons to do just about any job you need, such as webinars, event agency icons, beauty salons, photo studios, coworking and much more.

Downloadable format: SVG

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Fontello provides an interesting list of free website icons for use as icon fonts anywhere on your website or mobile web app. In fact, you have access to a range of different sets of icons from different authors such as Fontelico, Font Awesome, Modern Pictograms, Typicons and many more.

Free website icons to download - Fontello

You can mix and match from each of these sets of free website icons by downloading them each individually as SVGs.

Downloadable format: SVG

Simple icons

If you’re after brand icons for your website, Simple Icons provides you with an exhaustive list of free website icons for various companies and products. You can download them individually as vector files, each one in a color-coded set so that you can easily browse the brand logo you need, or just search the brand using the search bar provided.

Free website icons to download - Simple Icons

These branded free website icons are excellent if you want to be able to link your users to an external website or application, be able to share your content via social networks, or if you just want icons to depict certain software on your webpage. Such icons include everything from Hubspot, Microsoft PowerPoint and Slack to Tinder, Instagram and Tesla. You’re sure to find what you need!

Downloadable format: SVG

Line Icons

Line Icons offers over 450 free website icons for your next project that you can download as a full pack of SVGs. This pack contains many different categories of free web page icons, in addition to desktop app icons and mobile icons.

Free website icons to download - Lineicons

You can be comfortable in the knowledge that all their free website icons get readily updated, so your designs will always be on trend. To download the free web icons on this site, you just have to sign up using your email.

Downloadable format: SVG


If you’re looking for variety, then 365psd is the perfect website to come to. Owing to the wide selection of sets varying from solid glyphs and simple monochrome icons to 3D cartoon glyphs, this is one of the sites with the most diverse range of free website icons around.

Free website icons to download - 365psd

The various sets available are also diverse in the formats that they can be downloaded in, ranging SVGs and PSDs to EPS. The best thing is that these free website icons are all freely available to use commercially and personally.

Downloadable format: SVG, PSD and EPS

Smashing Magazine

If you’re looking for something a little different and colorful to grab your user’s attention, why not try the Ballicon collection of 36 circular flat and light gradient icons?

Free website icons to download - Smashing Magazine

Originally designed by PixelBuddha and released for Smashing Magazine readers, this pack of free website icons is completely free for your personal commercial use, providing you display the relevant attribution.

Downloadable format: SVG, PNG and PSD

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Feather icons

Feather Icons is a great destination if you’re looking for beautifully simple free website icons. All the icons on Feather Icons are open source, with over 280 to choose from. You can download all of these free icons as a full pack of vector images or individually, as you choose.

Free website icons to download - Feather icons

The main appeal of these icons is their minimalist, simplistic design, that is perfectly open to editing.

Downloadable format: SVG


If you’re looking for variety, Interfacer comes with various packs of downloadable SVG icons. These packs of free website icons have been created by different authors and are hosted on this site free for commercial use. You can think of it as a kind of Dribbble for icons.

Free website icons to download - Interfacer

You instantly have access to thousands of high quality free website icons, both for fun and entertainment, but also for serious stuff like data science or banking. The sheer variety deserves a thumbs up.

Downloadable format: SVG

Elegant themes

Elegant themes advertise the icon fonts on their website as being the best free website icons available. The icons on this site are particularly useful for buttons, favicons and for navigational toolbars.

Free website icons to download - Elegant Themes

They are also available to download in various formats as well, including SVG and PNG, in addition to CSS code. They also provide some helpful advice in the form of tutorials on their website for how to edit their icons using Divi Builder. We like these guys. They’re helpful.

Downloadable format: SVG, PNG and CSS

Paul Olyslager

Paul Olyslager prizes his website on having original, none-of-that-fancy-stuff web icons that simply get the job done. His sets of free website icons have a trait that really sets them apart from others you can find out there: they’re purposefully pixelated SVGs. They give a classic look to any webpage, without looking old or outdated and are designed to give a very techy feel.

Free website icons to download - Paul Olyslager

Paulolyslager.com allows you to download for free a large set of these free website icons in both SVG and PNG format.

Downloadable format: SVG and PNG


On Speckyboy, you can download 100 SVG icons, developed specifically by Freekpik for use in your web design projects. You can scale them, edit them and color them to suit your purposes.

Free website icons to download - Speckyboy

If you’re looking for a nice, simple pack of free website icons that you can modify to suit your web page, these simple free vector icons should be right your street.

Downloadable format: SVG

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Icon Archive

Sponsored by Shuttershock, Icon Archive is a good resource when it comes to free website icons. The website itself may not be pretty, but the icons themselves come in great numbers and variety. From classic flat icons to unique antique-style icons, there’s something here for everybody.

Icon archive as place for icons for website design

It’s worth mentioning that the usage rights change from icon set to icon set, so remember to make sure the one you’ve chosen allows for commercial use. 

Downloadable format: PNG and SVG

Graphic Burger

Well-known to the design community, Graphic Burger brings us all sorts of free materials and resources. From packaging designs, entire mockups, and UI kits – there’s a bit of everything here. That includes, of course, entire arrays of free website icons.

free website icons place - graphic burger

The navigation in the icon section is a bit limited, which means it’s better to simply search the style or concept you’re looking for to save time.

Downloadable format: PSD and SVG


Unlike some of the other websites on this list, this entire website is dedicated exclusively to free website icons. You’ll find great navigation at Findicons, which makes it easy to browse for the perfect icon pack. Aside from the many icons to choose from, you’ll also find a free converter that can transform your icons into the right format, from PNG and JPG, PSD to SVG, and more.

icons fro free website design at findicons

Downloadable format: PNG

Premium Pixels

Premium Pixels is a good place to find a diverse set of free resources, from free mockups, website icons to visual patterns. It’s all free to download and use for commercial purposes. With almost 700 individual icons, this website doesn’t really compete in terms of sheer quantity with big names like Shuttershock.

free website icons at premium pixels

Downloadable format: SVG

Free Icon PNG

Free Icon PNG brings us plenty of free individual website icons, each of them being downloaded individually. It’s true that the lack of icon sets may be less than practical, but the website still has value for designers. If you’re looking for a punctual icon with flair, this can be a great place to find it.

free png icons for website design

Downloadable format: PNG

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PNG Tree

PNG Tree offers plenty of website icons, with varying degrees of usability and style. You’ll find both individual icons and icon packs, which can be easily found using their tag system.

png tree as place for free website icons

The website makes a distinction between free and premium icons – which is not always noticeable when searching for the right icon. Keep an eye out for the premium symbol!

Downloadable format: PNG


Iconoir is a truly open platform for free website icons. There’s no premium content, no need to sign up for anything.

iconoir as place for free website icons

At nearly 1000 icons, it’s still a small quantity when compared to some other websites, but it’s still a wonderful resource to bookmark. It’s easy and simple, with the icons offering a classic feel and practical style.

Downloadable format: SVG

Mr. Icons

Mr. Icons comes with sets of free website icons that can be easily downloaded. It’s true that the number of available icon sets aren’t that impressive, but it’s still worth a look. The styles can vary a lot from minimal and flat to colorful and hand-drawn.

mr icons as place for free website assets

Downloadable format: SVG

UX Wing

UX Wing brings us nearly 2000 icons, all of which are neatly organized and easily found with the category system. Between the categories and subcategories, you should be able to find anything without wasting too much time scrolling. It’s a wonderful place for free website icons, especially minimal ones that don’t rely on color.

ux wing as website for free icons

Downloadable format: SVG and PNG


Iconscout, brought to us by LottieFiles, is filled with great icons. The designs are all simple and highly adaptable, which makes it very likely that you’ll find something for your next project.

iconscout as website for free icons

Website icons can be downloaded by the pack, with a tag system that makes it all easy to find. As a bonus, you can also find other types of design assets like illustrations and even animations.

Downloadable format: SVG, PNG, EPS, AI, ICO, and ICNS

Nasty icons

Last but not least, if you’re looking to bring a bit of dark humor to your website, then why not try out the Nasty Icons set?

Free website icons to download - Nasty Icons

You can find 45 free website icons to download as AI and EPS files that convey funny geometrical cartoons or stick drawings of people being boiled alive, losing their heads or falling down flights of stairs. Just in case you happen to need something along those lines!

Downloadable format: AI and EPS

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The wrap up

It’s not always straightforward knowing which web icons will provide the best user experience and keep people engaged. When browsing for the best possible free web icons to download for your next project, try to take the following factors into consideration:

  • What type website is it and which market will you be targeting?
  • Will your website be providing a fun experience or simply provide a helpful means to an end?
  • Which app prototyping tool do you plan on using and what type of file format do you need?
  • How easy will it be to make your design responsive?
  • Will your chosen iconography suit your intended audience?

We hope this list simplifies things a bit and that you find the perfect set of free website icons for your next design.

Joseph Downs
In-house UX copy-slinger, foodie and classic motoring enthusiast