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Prototyping tools help enterprises elicit, visualize and validate software requirements. Find out how in this FREE WEBINAR

Prototyping tools help enterprises elicit, visualize and validate software requirements. Find out how in this FREE WEBINAR

The average enterprise project goes over budget by up to 180%, and 94 of every 100 enterprise software projects require a restart. Reworks, restarts and busted budgets have two outcomes – sub-par products and projects.

But the enterprise software development lifecycle doesn’t have to be this way. Application prototyping enhances the definition and management of software specifications throughout the development lifecycle, streamlining workflows and aligning business with IT.

Watch the webinar here!

What will I learn in the free webinar?

The Justinmind and Bluegrass IIBA teams will focus on the following:

  • Defining Business Applications Visually
  • Improving Collaboration and Customer Alignment with interactive scenarios
  • Improving traceability by visualizing user flows with shared prototypes and centralized assets
  • Fostering global collaboration across all teams

Who should sign up?

Prototypes – be it static wireframes or interactive mockups – are an important part of any business analyst’s arsenal. That’s why Justinmind teamed up with the IIBA on this one. But the webinar is not limited to BAs. Product managers, UX managers and software project managers will also gain valuable insights into better application development.

Where can I find out more in the meantime?

You can get a taster of the upcoming webinar in our interview with Bluegrass IIBA’s Aaron Whittenberger.

“A picture is worth a thousand words!  A diagram or prototype helps ensure that everyone sees the same picture, and can speed up the design phase of the work effort.” Aaron Whittenberger, IIBA Bluegrass


Cassandra is Marketing Lead at Justinmind

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