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Surfing, I’ve found several blog entries and twits asking for software that helps people create wireframes or mockups. So, I’m going to explain why JustInMind Prototyper can be just the solution for your problems.

You can create simple wireframes, just to know where things are and show the client. The logo goes up, the navbar is better this or that way, etc.

Something like this one, just a skeleton of what the website or program is going to be. No design yet. But it’s hard to explain some functions to clients/co-workers, and also can be very difficult to text with final users.

So, you can use a mockup or a mood board. This one is a great example. It can be very helpful to approve projects, but it won’t prevent future changes. And sometimes, clients can be very confusing with what they approve and decide to change later.

But you also can create more complex mockups, that react according the the user. You click, the mockup screen changes. You fill a form, it learns the content and creates a specific site.

It is possible to prototype an entire website, showing clients or users everything your great idea is going to be, even before you start coding. This way, you can have all the changes in the project done before the coding phase, avoiding costs and reducing schedule time. Free time? We all need some, don’t we?

And now, test, approval and coding, because launching date is near!

How to define, validate and review applications before starting to code are his thing. He is interested in everything related to web, mobile and desktop apps and how to prototype and simulate them before development starts. After hours he’s flexing his math muscles.

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