Places to get free PSD website mockups

Free PSD website mockups templates to download

Looking for some inspiration for your next website design? That’s what free PSD website mockups are for! Here’s a list of places to download them

Looking for a head-start on your next website mockup? Or perhaps you’re in search of a solid UI foundation on which to build your next website? If that’s true, then you’re in luck!

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As Photoshop is such a versatile tool in the design industry used for all manner of creative activities, it’s only natural that designers also harness its powerful features to design website UIs. And as a result, nowadays you can find an abundance of static, free PSD website mockups that you can download and edit as you like!

Read on to discover a list of places where you download some of the best PSD mockups without spending one red cent!

What is a PSD website mockup?

A PSD website mockup comprises static images designed in Photoshop of either one or multiple landing pages. Both graphic and UI-UX designers alike use Photoshop to help design website mockups, in conjunction with a prototyping tool like Justinmind to add functionality and interaction.

Designing a mockup of a website before it goes to code is important because it helps you iron out the design creases before they become costly mistakes later on in the development cycle.

As more companies are realizing the importance of establishing a website mockup before coding a website, it makes sense that designers use Photoshop to create pixel-perfect illustrations of how the final version will look. Due to this, many designers share their mockups for free so they can get their work across to bigger audiences to promote their work.

The free PSD website mockups in this list can give you inspiration. They can help jump-start ideas and provide a solid foundation for the ideal website to cater to your user personas.

Free PSD website mockups - adapt your mockups to your user personas

Or, let’s say you change most of the template to suit your needs – they still provide a great head-start. In fact, even if you don’t use any of it, at least it helps move you one step closer towards the right direction!

So why not check out the following 15 places where you can get the best free PSD website mockups to give you a head-start on designing your next product?

15 places to get free PSD website mockups

We recommend combining any of the free PSD website mockups you find in this list with a mockup tool like Justinmind so you can add interactions and functionality. It will allow you to demonstrate important features such as user flow, information hierarchy, microinteractions and anything else that a full mockup of a website would normally have.

The best PSD mockup for you will depend on what the purpose of your website will be, but rest assured there’s something on this list for all types of website. Just make sure to give the authors credit by mentioning their name and providing a backlink to the source!

1. Dribbble

Just as one does not simply walk into Mordor, a UI-UX designer who hasn’t heard of Dribbble simply doesn’t exist! It’s a great design resource with thousands of professional designers showcasing and contributing their work.

Some of it’s free for reproduction, some of it’s not. But trust us when we say you’ll find a plentiful amount of free PSD website mockups on their site!

Free PSD website mockups - Dribbble

This is a particularly good place to come to if you’re looking for personal branding PSD website mockups, website portfolio templates and ecommerce website design landing pages.

2. Behance

Behance is another great resource you can lean on if it’s variety you’re after. They have free PSD website mockups with a wide variety of layouts and styles that you can adapt to your own purposes.

Home to a whole host of pixel-perfect PSD mockup templates from various designers, you’ll find everything on Behance from portfolios and blog landing pages, to graphic design service websites, ecommerces, corporate landings and food delivery pages.

With most of the templates, you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom to find the download button which usually takes you to a Google Drive or Dropbox folder where you can download the PSD.

3. Deviant Art

If it’s practical web landing pages you’re after, then Deviant art has everything you’re looking for. They feature a whole plethora of free PSD website mockups for you to easily download.

These mockups come in single-page landing designs. They have a good mix of different content types with images and card lists in grid format, along with graphical statistics in the form of bar charts.

Free PSD website mockups - Deviant Art

Many of the templates on Deviant Art also offer up intelligent color schemes through each landing page, blending background illustration with colors in the hero image. They even have a landing page for a website dashboard, with graphical vector illustrations everywhere for you to easily edit in Photoshop.

These can be a brilliant starting point to add your own themes, or just leave them as they are and switch up the content!

4. Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot also features one main free PSD website mockup that you can download for free. This super template boasts many different landing page layouts to design a full website, but on top of that, also includes different style and color versions of the same mockup!

It includes a great balance of text, imagery and illustrations. You get a row under the hero image to display different company logos and also some graphical statistical vectors that you can easily edit. In fact, everything up as far as the sitemap has been designed in this template and has plenty of suggestive placeholders for CTAs.

This super PSD website mockup is designed based on the 1170 pixel bootstrap responsive grid system and would be a great choice for a corporate website or an ecommerce site.

5. Template.net

Template.net, like the name suggests, furnishes you with a wealth of free PSD website mockups and contains an exciting variety. You’ll find everything ranging from yoga instructor website landing pages, band and music pages, and even ecommerce and corporate templates.

On top of that, many of the free PSD website mockups on this site actually come with all the potential landing pages included, so you’re basically getting a free static mockup of an entire website! For all that, attribution to the author is only fair to say the least.

6. Freebiesbug

Freebiesbug boasts many free PSD website mockups that you can download, as long as you provide attribution to the author. If you’re looking for prestigious, regal designs for corporate and business websites, this is the place to come to.

Additionally, they boast an incredible selection of general ecommerce and templates for startups and you’ll even happen upon a trekking PSD website mockup!

Free PSD website mockups - Freebiesbug

Whatever it is you’re after, you’re sure to find it here and if not, something similar whose template you can use and adapt!

7. 365 PSD

On 365 PSD you’ll discover a treasure trove of over 1,000 free PSD website mockups that are very graphical in nature. Their website templates are generally detailed and contain plentiful imagery as a typical standard, with plenty of grids and card-heavy features.

They’re perfect for ecommerce and brochure websites, but you’ll also find great templates for service websites. Tired of minimalism? Give these a try!

8. Free Website Templates

You might think that somewhere called Free Website Templates would be a great place to find free PSD website mockups and you’d be correct! Expect to find a plethora of free landing pages for a multitude of different website designs.

Free PSD website mockups - Free Website Templates

You can download free PSD website mockups for just about anything from law firms to frozen yogurt landing pages.

9. Os Templates

OS Templates is great if you’re looking for clean, fresh landings and based around a large, dazzling hero image. Many of the free PSD website mockup downloadable on this site come with templates that are great for photo imagery with all placeholders in just the perfect position for the optimum visual effect.

Free PSD website mockups - Os Templates

It’s a great place to come to if you’re looking for columnist or lifestyle-type landing pages that focus on a tight teamup of images and block text!

10. Blaz Robar

Blaz Robar is a UI designer whose website features up to two pages of free PSD website mockups. Each of these mockups have been created by two artists: Blaz himself and his colleague Tugui Razvan.

Each of the PSD website mockups on this site feature clean designs with bright pastel colors that use a good mix of both vector illustrations and photo images. You’ll find a template for just about any requirement, whether that’s a minimalist blog template, a design portfolio with photo grids, or even an ecommerce or corporate business website.

11. redq.io

On redq.io you can find plenty of free PSD website mockups that are easy on the eye and inspire a calming effect on the user. Most of their mockups combine snappy vector illustrations with smooth pastel colors against chalk-white backgrounds.

Many of the free PSD website mockups on requ.io are also great for service websites, ecommerces and startups. Among the templates available is a ride sharing app design, an agency website and even a job management tool landing page.

Free PSD website mockups - redq.io

If you have a tech startup, many of these templates would be ideal as they are all modern, trendy and professional-looking, featuring vector icons that are easily editable.

12. PSD Chat

What better place to search for free PSD website mockups than a site called PSD Chat? On this site, two PSD website mockups that stand out are Hexel and Acubens.

Free PSD website mockups - PSD Chat

Hexel is a single page portfolio that designers or other professionals can use to promote their own personal brand. It happens to be a by-product of an experiment with a hexagonal grid system that became the basis for a hero image in a free PSD website mockup.

Acubens, on the other hand, is a single page mockup that comes in three different colors. It’s a basic home landing page but in reality you can adapt it to many different purposes. It boasts a range of minimalist typography with a nice arrangement of the Google fonts Josefin Slab, Titillium and Source Sans Pro.

13. PSD Hub

First on the list is the PSD Hub. This is a great place to find all sorts of free scalable designs in the form of free PSD website mockups.

You can find every sort of landing page design here for everything from educational institutions and photography agencies to even a fitness landing page.

14. PSD Gang

PSD Gang gives you access to an abundance of free PSD website mockups, with an eclectic range of website landing pages ranging from security and travel websites to college web portals, business, ecommerce and even 404 landing pages!

Free PSD website mockups - PSD Gang

Perhaps one of the standout selections on this website are the dashboard mockups. Dashboard design is complex, but they produce a great free PSD website mockup that has all the hard work done for you!

You just need to create a free Box account to be able to download these free PSD website mockups.

15. Mousemade

The choice on Mousemade is somewhat less but features one super, free PSD website mockup. This mockup revolves around surfing as the theme and boasts astonishing imagery, against a minimalist backdrop. However, it’s not just the imagery that catches the eye (you’ll more than likely be changing it anyway), rather the arrangement of that imagery.

This template is long, enabling you to create a scrolling landing page. And throughout that landing page you’re treated to great image and block text combinations that provide a powerful one-two punch.

This free PSD website mockup would be perfect for timelines, product descriptions and UX design portfolios.

The takeaway

Whatever the website you want to design, you’re sure to find a free PSD website mockup that fits the bill. The places we’ve provided on this list all give you a varied bank of resources from which to choose.

The free PSD website mockup that you decide on will depend on the following factors:

  • What type of company or organization will your website represent?
  • What’s the goal of your website?
  • What type of content will be on your website?
  • Who are your main user personas?

Once you have the above factors decided, it’s time to go ahead and choose your favorite free PSD website mockup and bring it to life!

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