Clickable Wireframes for Mobile and Web Apps
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Clickable Wireframes for Mobile and Web Apps
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Amazing iPhone, Android and Web widgets

Find rich interactive iPhone and Android widgets out-of-the-box in our new Free Edition. Create clickable wireframes for mobile apps in minutes!

Images in motion with clickable regions

Include images in your wireframe and create clickable regions with the image map component.

Drag & Drop wireframe creation

From drawing components to links and interactions, you can do everything through drag-and-drop. To define a link, simply drag the component to the screen you want to link to.

Publish, share and get feedback

With Justinmind Usernote, you can publish your wireframe online, invite your clients to review it and get valuable feedback.

What our customers are saying

  • Justinmind Prototyper is far and away the best wireframe/prototyping tool in the market today. It is not only very easy to use but handles very complex cases. It has helped us at Oracle drive product development to convey concepts for building next generation software applications.

    Oracle Sean K Frogner
    Director Product Managment, Oracle
  • For me, the value of Justinmind isn’t that it helps me build a single prototype quickly. The real value comes in being able to generate endless alternatives aimed at solving a single problem. With other tools, building your second, third, and fourth prototype often requires starting from scratch.

    Meebo Abel Allison
    Interaction Designer, Meebo Inc.