Free Clickable Wireframes for Mobile and Web Apps!

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free wireframes tool

Interactive iPhone, Android and Web widgets

Find rich interactive iPhone and Android widgets out-of-the-box in Justinmind Prototyper Free Edition. Create clickable wireframes for mobile apps in minutes!

clickable wireframes for iOS Android and web

Drag & Drop Wireframe Creation

From drawing components to links and interactions, you can do everything through drag-and-drop. To define a link, simply drag the component to the screen you want to link to.

clickable wireframes tool

Images in motion with clickable regions

Include images in your wireframe and create clickable regions with the hotspot tool of Justinmind Prototyper.

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Interactive Widgets for Web, iPhone, Android, and iPad

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Advanced Web Interactions and Gestures


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Conditional Navigation and Business Logic

Variables. Forms and datagrids simulation


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