website mockup tool

Design fully functional website mockups

Visually communicate your designs let your work do the talking

Design user interaction for websites

Design your website mockup and map out your user flow while you do it. Lay out each interaction your user will have with your website using Justinmind. Test and validate your mockups in real time to get that crucial user feedback.

mockup tool to design interactive websites
Web interactions

Use our mockup tool to design interactive websites and create engaging user experiences.

design website mockups with transitions

Add transition effects between your web pages to captivate users as they navigate through your mockup.

add animations and effects to website mockups

Bring your mockups to life by adding effects and animations that keep your users engaged.

Responsive website mockups

The perfect mockup tool to design responsive websites that adapt to any screen resolution.

Liquid layouts

Design liquid layouts to suit various screen resolutions for a truly responsive website mockup.

Auto-resize elements

Make an element automatically resize to adapt to different screen resolutions.


Justinmind lets you pin elements to a specific position of a web page.

website mockup tool for visual design

Visual design for websites

Design interactive and illustrious pixel-perfect website mockups.

Design features

Crop and adjust your images. Change styles, transparency, border, size, margin and more.

Clickable images

Make any image you import clickable with hotspots for interactive navigation.

Import from design tools

Design images with Sketch or Photoshop. Import them into our tool and add interaction!

Design data visualization

Choose how to visually represent the data in your website mockup with the data lists and grids feature. Design smart forms, define interactions and test them with your users.

website mockup tool for interactive forms
data list visualization in mockups
data grid visualization in mockups
Forms interaction

Design smart forms with interactions like input, drop-downs and radio buttons to simulate the user experience.

Data lists

Visually display your mockup’s data in list format, using the data lists feature.

Data grids

Design your data visualization in grid or cell format.

Get your mockups validated faster

Cut through the red tape. Get instant specification documents for stakeholders, export your mockups to HTML and keep everyone on the same page with enhanced collaboration.

export documents from website mockup tool
Export to documents

Generate specifications documents for your mockups, get a formal printed deliverable to hand off to your colleagues, developers and stakeholders.

export the website mockup into html
Export to HTML

Use our mockup tool to export your mockups to HTML format so that stakeholders, developers and users can test it instantly.

Website mockup tool to boost collaboration

Collaborate with reviewers, share and sync your UI libraries and work alongside colleagues on all your mockups