share online mockup with justinmind tool

Share mockups online and get feedback

Collaborate with all project stakeholders

Validate your mockups online

The Justinmind mockup tool lets you share your mockups online with stakeholders, product managers, clients and users to get feedback.

Communicate UI design to developers

Provide your developers with visual handoffs with our mockup tool. Make use of developer-mode or just export the whole mockup into HTML – either way, your developers get what they need for speedy development.

Design handoff for developers
Online mockup tool - generate CSS stylesheets
Give your developers the complete CSS code just like they need it, establishing an efficient workflow.
Online mockup tool - share assets and maintain a design system
Share assets
Give your developers full access to all assets inside your mockup, avoiding back-and-forth.
Online mockup tool - get specifications for size, space and colors
Distances & colors
Get the exact hexadecimal color of everything, as well as precise distances for speedy coding.
Co-editing a mockup with the Justinmind tool

Multiple users co-editing mockups

With Justinmind, your mockup becomes accessible to everyone. Have your entire team contribute, leave comments or make changes. Retrace the history of modifications in all mockups!

Get feedback online and perform user tests

Online user tests

Your mockup can be validated from the very first day. Test the bare bones or go for high-fidelity magic – either way, Justinmind helps you test early and often! Use device emulators, real devices or any browser you can think of.

Online mockup tool that lets you share UI kits and maintain a design system

Share UI kits across teams

All your assets are available for your team and each one of them can be made interactive. Enjoy everything from classic Android components to Atlassian and Oracle Fusion – or import your own!

Manage your online mockups

Justinmind brings you everything you need to manage your online mockup with your team. Sending your mockup to other stakeholders is just the beginning!

Online mockup tool for advanced user management
User management
Control who has access and who can make changes, while grouping users based on their specific roles.
Online mockup tool for secure collaboration
Secure collaboration
Password protect mockups for secure online collaboration or remove threats by launching mockups on your own server.
Online mockup tool - get notifications about changes
Get notified each time someone makes a change to your mockup so you can make the appropriate revisions.