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Using Shift-⬆ to move multiple selected components moves each one a different distance, instead of all of them together.

Solved Dave 8 years ago

I reported this bug about a year ago, sent a .vp file that demonstrated the problem, and never heard anything more about it.

It is still happening.

Steps to reproduce (at least on my rather complex prototype):

Select two components in a group.

The components have the same position and size at the time of the selection.

Press Shift and the up-arrow key to attempt to move both components upwards by 10px.

Instead, one of the components moves 10px and the other moves 20px. With 3 or more selected components, this multiplication of movement seems to continue: with 3 components selected, the 3rd component moved 30px.

Here's a screen recording made with RecordIt that shows it happening:

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