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Select List dropdown disconnected from Data Master on event-driven selection

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

How can I set a Select List so that it will retain the ability to select from the connected Data Master after having been dynamically set from an event?

I have a select list (dropdown) and a data master. The select list is linked to the data master field rows (single-column list of single words), hence interacting with the select list allows selecting from a list of options that are held in the data master.

I need to trigger selection of a specific value in the select list based on an event (click event in one case and variable change in another). The only way I've found to do this is to use Onclick > Set Value (in Select List) > Value Calculated as:

Filter [datamaster,[Attribute = Text]] where text = one of the possible values in the field row within the data master.

When I do this, it does set the select list value as 'text' from the above argument, but when interacting with it afterwards, it also removes all remaining values (seemingly disconnects it from the Data Master). The result is that the select list is now hardwired to that value.

How can I achieve a Select List event-driven selection while retaining the Data Master list so a user can modify it afterwards?

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