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Answered Filippo Andriollo 7 years ago

Hello Justinmind Community : )

I'm trying to create a numeric pad that could edit numbers into a rectangle, like a calculator, but without math operations, only to display numbers. I need to display at most four numbers together, then I need to reset the variable and make the rectangle empty again, and start editing with the numeric pad again.

I created the numbers from 0 to 9 with the "text" widget, the rectangle with the "input text field" widget, and a variable (CALC) that I modify with the event for each number:

- on tap "text1": set value (CALC.value contact to 1) to CALC

- on tap "text2": set value (CALC.value contact to 2) to CALC

- on tap "text3": set value (CALC.value contact to 3) to CALC


It works fine but not so fine as I want, because I'm not able to reset the variable (or something like this) and erase the four numbers in the rectangle. After have written four numbers, I need to erase them and write new four numbers in the rectangle.

Can anyone help me please?!?

Thank you so much in advance!


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