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Program will not start on Windows 7. Need immediate help

Solved Baris Demirci52 5 years ago

Program does not start after installation. No log files to provide as the log folder hasnt even been created yet because the program will not start.

EDIT::: I FIGURED IT OUT. Java heapsize was set to high in environment variables. I use eclipse and other java programs at high load. Justinmind needs it set to 512mb. Only issue was no error message was coming up with that error. I downloaded a much older version of JustinMind (6.4.1 i believe), and it gave an error message saying "Failed to create Java Virtual Machine". 8.7.0 does not give this error message. It just turns off straight away. If the error message was given to me 3 hours ago I would've been asleep by now. Please address this anyway that can be.

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