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Placing Variable on Field from a Data Master/Data Grid

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I'm creating a date picker widget for our pattern library. I have a data grid set with numbers 1-31 and what I'd like to have happen is when I click on one of the numbers, it places the selected number within the formatted date on the field (month/day/year). Right now I have no problem getting the month and year to populate but I am struggling with figuring out how to get the selected day to appear.

This is the formula that I have:

[[[['Month.selected' CN '/'] CN 'Date Data'] CN '/'] CN 'Year.selected']

Date Data is the variable I have for the data master. I tried adding a case before this one to set the data master value to the variable but it's coming out looking like this: January/[date calendar.january]/2016.

Side note: I'm going to work on changing "January" to be a number 1 but for now, let's get the data master to populate the correct number :)

Any help would be appreciated.

This is what the widget currently looks like:


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