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Missing design options

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago


I'm currently evaluating Justinmind for our company and so far, i run into some critical design features that are missing that are must have for a designer:

1. Alpha channels for all color selectors (RGBA values)

2. Numerical value as a variable to be used for colors, in order to include conditional styles.

3. Fully customizable radio buttons or grouping of buttons that behave like radio buttons. The current solutions to build Tabs are awkward (duplicate the graphics for each panel - its a workaround disguised as a feature :-).

4. Line height is disabled for all the lists components.

I tried some workarounds, but they increase production time and complexity considerably and less practical if i need to do a lot of style editing.

I wanted to know if these are options that are planned to be included soon, or of there are actually working options that i missed?



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