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Lots of bugs and no solutions

Solved Victor Conesa 7 years ago

I just wanted to ask the community if you have similar problems with the support team of justinmind.

I ask reasonable question that should be no brainers but the only thing i get is "our engineers are working on it but we cant tell you an ETA" or "could you please send me every file you ever created so we can check it" or "We know it sucks but its intended like his"

I dont want to bash anyone because JustinMind is GREAT but it is so FULL OF BUGS that it makes it really hard for me and my team to use this software for productive work.

Some areas where problems are really common:

EVENTS (coping, unlocking)

TEAMWORK (checkin/out, upload)

GROUPING (subgroups, resizing)

VISUALS (missing elements, wrong formatting)

Could we please teamup and try to get them to work on real issues that make this software so hard to use in productive projects with iterations.



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