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How would I get a specific dropdown menu selection based on the dynamic panel being displayed, w/o adding different dropdown to each panel?

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I am attempting to create a series of screens which, require nearly the same content save the selected drop down fields displayed.

It is important that these drop downs remain interactive, however, some of the menus should be different from one page to the next. For example:

On "Page 1", drop down selections should be set to "Option 1" for all menus. On "Page 2" those drop down selections should be set to "Option 2" for all menus. Also, the "Pages" are dynamic panels with the drop down menus as a part of them.

I've attempted to set up a series of events and assigned Variables to each of the drop downs so that they may be properly referenced, but I cannot seem to accomplish my goal.

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